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wish she wasnt anti-social...

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i'm just sitting here wishing my kitty wasnt so anti-social with other animals. i live with my mom and we both would like another kitty but i tried getting her to live with another cat once before, and she bit a chunk of fur out of her and never got used to her, she just always turned into devil-cat, chasing, attacking, hissing, growling, etc. i figured she is just a loner and wants all the attention but sometimes i wonder if she wants a friend... but i wont be living with my mom for more than 2 more years probably, so maybe i shouldnt introduce her to another cat because my mom is going to want to have one when i leave and i'd hate for my mom to get attached to yet ANOTHER cat and me have to take it if Shiraz and the new cat ended up being close. i guess she will be our only baby for now... tell me what you think... i am just thinking out loud here...
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When you brought a 2nd cat home before, did you do a slow introduction or just throw them together? A bad introduction can start cats off on the wrong foot and they may never get over it. Hissing is normal at first, they have to work out the hierarchy between the two.

When looking for a new cat, things to think about:
*your cat's personality

My older cat is a very lazy cat. I deliberately chose to adopt a kitten over an older cat for my 2nd cat becaue I figured it would be easier to bring a kitten in to the house. I think I made a mistake with that because Chloe (the kitten) is so playful that she irritates Mattie (the older cat). I think things would be going so much better if I had adopted an older mellow cat. You might have more luck with a kitten but it depends on your cat's personality. I think the best bet would be a male kitten.

I say definitely try to bring a 2nd cat home. If the two cats become friends, take the 2nd cat with you when you move out. Sure your mom may have been attached but she can get a new cat a new home after you leave.

Whatever happened to the cat you tried bringing home last time?
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well the first time, Shiraz was actually the newcomer. I had moved in with my best friend who had a young cat at the time... i brought her in my room and closed the door and my dumb friend (took me a while to get over this) brought in Jingles in her arms (her cat) and jingles instantly hissed at Shiraz and then my friend brought her out again... from then on, we tried the slow introduction, Shiraz staying in my room all the time, with sniffing under the door, etc...(which i was planning on from the beginning), but it never worked. I tried bringing her out and locking Jingles up for a little while so Shiraz could smell around and also tried putting Shiraz on a leash (because she turned out to be the aggressor) and everytime Jingles got close, she'd leap... and if she wasn't on the leash/harness... she would just chase and attack, and Shiraz is a bigger cat than Jingles so I didnt want any cat getting hurt. Shiraz once even jumped up and bit my friend's hand while jingles was in her hands... and Shiraz has never been violent to anyone before or since then.
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