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The Cutest Thing Ever

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This morning, I'm laying on the couch watching TV, and Seamus as usual sees this as an opportunity to make sure I'm lazy and don't get up, so he cuddles right in. The typical routine is he lays there and eventually opens up so I can get my hand in and he hugs my hand. I guess he was loving having his chest rubbed so much he lifted his paw up all the way, then put his head on my face, and put his paw around my face, hugging my face, just loving the kisses and hugs... my little mush...

I've had him two years this week, got him at about 4 months old and he was terrified of me for a long time... and I think back to when he came home. He found a hiding spot and stayed there until I went to bed or left. I literally saw him for a couple seconds each night after I tucked into bed or when I would go searching for him to make sure he was ok. This went on for a while and it took a year just to pet him. Amazes me that now, he's laying with me and hugging my face!
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How sweet! You must have been really patient and kind to him to make him turn around like that.
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Wish I knew how it happened or what I did over the past two years... all I know is very early on, I realized the more I pushed, the more he hid, so I went at his pace and put my desire for an affectionate cat aside for a long time... just talked to him, gave him lots of treats, and let him come to me when he wanted to.

He knows I saved him, and in a weird way, he's saved me... I'm a much calmer and more responsible person because of him.
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That is a sweet story. I also learned patience from my Petunia. She was so skittish that I learned to control my temper better. It is wonderful when they can give us so much with no words.
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