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It's snowing......

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The same storm that hit the US earlier is now here in Ontario. We're expecting to get 2-4 cm an hour and probably will get between 20-30 cm depending on which part of Southern Ontario you live in.

I'm estimating we received 5 cm so far. Here's a pic of part of our backyard taken a few minutes ago. Right now the snow is really coming down. Thank goodness it's hitting now rather on Monday morning since commuting would be terrible.

Who else got hit with this same storm and how much snow did you receive?
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So far, we've gotten about 10 inches, but it's still coming down pretty hard, and supposed to continue until about 7 or 8 pm. They're forecasting another 8 to 10 inches this afternoon. The winter storm warning is saying blizzard conditions on the east coast of Michigan, with 40 mph winds and blowing/drifting snow. Looks like a good day to stay home and stay warm!
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Yep, we're getting hit hard, an estimate of 30 - 45 cm. We tried going to church but the graters and plows were clogging everything up, so we went back home. What usually took 10 mins to get to took more than half an hour .... So we had no choice. We're decorating the tree and getting Christmas stuff up instead.
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Ooo! Stay warm everyone!

I would much rather deal with snow than all the rain and wind we're getting here.
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I took this pic a few minutes ago ....

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We already have around 4 inches down by the Lake and it doesn't look like it is stopping soon.
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I live in eastern Kansas and got 3-4 inches (7.6-10.1 cm). My parents and brothers live in western Kansas and got over a foot (30.5 cm).

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Okay, so we live in the SF Bay area so we talk about snow at the down to what level - 4000, 3000 feet.? We drive to the Sierra Nevada for snow - yeah, we drive everywhere in CA. When the level of snow gets down to 1000 feet, Mt. Diablo in our county gets its peaks covered. My husband and I laughed when we first got here from NY because we saw a car with a snowman on its roof. When our daughter was 4 and there was snow on Mt. Diablo, we drove up there and played with her in the snow. She is a native Californian but now goes to school in upstate NY. She is not playing in nor enjoying the the snow anymore and she is happy to be home for the holidays.
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The snow started here a little while ago. They're calling for 10-20cms, and then we'll have rain on top of that. It's going to be a messy commute in the morning with all that water!
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Not sure how much we've gotten thus far, because I haven't gone out today!
We're in a brief lull right now, but it's supposed to pick up again - at lone point they were estimating 40 to 50 cm by the time it finished, but I think the forecast is 30 to 40 now. Not supposed to finish till tomorrow morning here - the low is apparently sitting over Lake Erie right now, so more to come! I spoke with my daughter in Kitchener a while ago (a few hours west of me) and she couldn't see out her window it was snowing so hard!
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Wow, look at all that snow guys. I hope your commute (if you have to do it) isn't too bad tomorrow.

Our weather is cold, dry and grey. Not much change from normal then, well apart from the fact it's often cold, wet and grey.
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I don't know exactly how much we've gotten but its getting much much worse. I need to find my camera and take a picture of outside. It's like a white out!
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I went out in the lull

This the plaza near us

and of course, we needed to warm up

(yes I cheated and took the picture from inside the truck)
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Mmmmm, Timmy's!

It's definitely picked up out there. I don't know how much has fallen so far, but the footprints outside have been filled in and then some (I live at the back of the apartment building I'm in, and it overlooks some trees, so it's hard to get a good idea). It's pretty windy out there too. I certainly wouldn't want to be out there.
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I've been hearing the horror stories of what the roads are like back home from the hubby. I'm out on the west coast this weekend so I'm missing all of it
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Thank God, for once, the storm is north of us! We're in NW NJ, and all we got was about an inch of snow. It has been sleeting most of the day, and it's really windy. I REALLY prefer any amount of snow to the ice. Our driveway is a little under a quarter-mile long and it's steep (uphill to get out) and winds around a lot. We went out to run errands this morning, and the snow was already iced over. We had to drive up a little bit, drive back, get a running start again, go a little further.... it took about 8 of these to make it all the way up and out to the road. The front-wheel drive Saab can deal with the snow - but not the ice. And we won't salt because it ruins the yard and is terrible for the water and the animals.

...and there's more sleet and freezing rain on the way. Fun! (NOT!)

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It's still snowing very hard right now. It hasn't let up since it started .... Tomorrow I'm gonna make snow angels!!!!
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Its BAD here. There was over a foot of snow on my car this afternoon when i shoveled it off. I was shoveling for a while and got tired. At least it will be halfway shoveled when I leave in the morning.

I won't lie though, it was fun getting all decked out like an eskimo to go out shovelling
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We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground in total 2 feet of which arrived today. I can't even see my car and it's parked in front of the garage. I was up past my knees in snow when I had to go out and shovel the snow off of my brother's boat ( the snow was caving in the cover ) I have snoveled more snow today than I have in the last 10 years. Tomorow will be the challenge getting my car out and to work.
THE SNOW PLOW GOT STUCK!! They had to bring in a wrecker to get it out. It took 2 hours to open up our road and it's still snowing and now the wind is suposed to pick up. Wish me luck, getting to work Tomorow... I'm going to bed so I can have the energy to shovel. See YA!
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SNOW!!!! I would like some snow. My DH just got back from WI. He got to see snow. Will someone send me some? I would LOVE to have SNOW!!
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