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For a little while my kitten has had a runny nose. I called the vet and they said that from the sound of it it should clear quickly without having to come in. It kinda did but started being runny again. I will get Sal in for a check up this week but here are a few observations up for comment:

1. All body functions are normal, no sneezing, no coughing, he's playing and being quite himself. But, he has a very watery nose rise now! He also has every now and then thick black boogers.

2. This morning he went out of the box for a pee (not a spray, it was on a flat surface) halfway between his box and his food, which is very unlike him (first accident). I cleaned everything with enzyme cleaner, but i wonder if this and the runny nose might be related. I'm now concerned about UTI, but I cleanded the box area, put new litter in, put him in the box and he went and didnt show signs of being in pain. Result, I don't know what to think! He might be stressed if he has an URI, I do hope it's not an UTI. Ughhhhh.

Obviously, I feel bad for not taking him in the vet sooner, but they told me that it wasnt necessary since he didnt have enough URI symptoms! Anyhow, he's now headed there ASAP but I'd like to hear more from anyone with similar experiences!!!!

Thanks a lot