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Angel has her spot with a blanket next to meowmy's head and Tiger will sleep in my husband's spot after he gets out of bed for work or sometimes on his pillow with his tail on my husband's face!
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I already posted a reply, but John took this picture last night and I had to share... this is pretty much how I look every single night plus he usually has a couple sleeping on him as well.

Oh my gosh! That has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!! Cute pic!

Sox is usually sleeping on either mine or my husband's shoulder or around our neck at night and Wesley is more of a foot cat.
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Seb sleeps with me. Bedtime is our cuddle time. After some talking and petting, he moves over a bit and I stretch out. We like to be close but not glued. I love when he reaches out to touch me like he wants me to know he's there Daphne will come visit to say hi but usually sleeps in the bottom of the bookcase or up on the cat tree. I figure she's keeping an eye out
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Well in my room at night it consists of my girls Bella, who is somewhere on me! Blue who tries to lay on me or sleeps in her little hide a way in her cat tree, and storm who sleeps in comfort on my clothes, purse and a foam pillow ! The dogs try to stay in here all night but there simply isnt enough room they take up half the bed each
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Butzie sleeps with me. She usually sleeps on her "bed," a woolen, folded afghan at the foot of the bed. Other times, she cuddles up next to me. It's such a nice feeling.
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Generally Squishy at bedtime, will choose to lie on the floor or on top of her playcenter until hammy and I are both asleep then she will sneak up in bed with us and always lies at our feet or nestled up against one of our legs. But I like to take a nap every day and when i lay down for a nap, hammy or i will either pick squishy up and say lets take a nap girl, or I will call her from the bedroom and she will come to the bed lay right beside of me and go right to sleep with mommy and she wont get up until I get up. I think its kinda sweet. Sometimes it feels like she is trying to protect me when daddy is not in bed with me. Is this possible????
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Angel sleeps at the foot of my bed everynight, I can prettymuch count on it. Hankie on the other hand is ushally up all night doing God knows what in the basement, but is he does come in my room to sleep he doesnt sleep on my bed, he sleeps either in the Guinea Pigs cage or under the coffee table that the Hamster's cage is on. Here is Angel in "her spot", she wont sleep anywhere else on my bed except right there, she will even lay there is there is something like a book there, she'd just lay on top of it.
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