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Ares sleeps in between our pillows (he likes being by our faces) while Hypnos sleeps in his fleece doughnut which is between us by our torsos
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My 3 all sleep under the covers with me, good thing I'm single
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I only have Trouty in my bed Oh, and sometimes a bat
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our kind sized bed is occupied by myself and DH. Cian, our youngest baby, occasionally the older two children and the two dogs and three cats. invariably, someone falls of the bed and walks off in a huff!

poor DH and myself dream of an emperor sized bed... maybe santa is listening and while he's at it, he could get us a house to fit aforementioned emperor sized bed too
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Our cats are too hyperactive to let them nap with us at night
We've tried - they seem to wake up just as we go to sleep...
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Butzie loves to sleep with us. She will come into the bed and want to be petted and then cuddle up next to me or put some part of her on me to protect her territory.
She has been known to plop down in hubby's space so that he can't get into bed. They have a staring contest. She wins, he sleeps downstairs.
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Brutus and Okage both like to sleep at our feet. Although occasionally Brutus will come up and plop right down on your chest while you sleep, purring insanely loud. More recently, the two have taken to fighting over the spot beside me, closest to the space heater. I have dubbed it The Spot!

Brutus knocked his mom for a loop one night to get The Spot from her, after lulling her into a fall sense of security with groomings.
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Well I've got 2 cat beds on my bed & Levi & Maggie usually occupy those. Then Jordan will either sleep right next to my head or between my knees depending on his mood. Isaac is either on the right side of my legs, or next to Jordan depending on his mood. Once in a great while all 4 will sleep on top of me, on those nights they get more sleep than I do.
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Rocky sleeps on my feet if I'm on my back, or behind my knees if I'm on my side. Oliver usually sleeps on the other side of the bed.

If my boyfriend is with me, both fur kids sleep in the living room (BF snores and talks in his sleep).
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Usually Trinity, Mercury and Bentley are all at my feet. Nemo used to be scared of the bed (for some reason, instead of attacking things under covers, he runs away from them) but he has started sleeping with us too. So that makes me, Matt and four kitties on a full size bed. . . .my next bed is going to be a king size for sure!
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Raven usually sleeps at my feet, Jack at first would sleep right by my head (or on my husband) but he has started to sleep by Raven at my feet.
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I am the heat source for the entire family Lately Stan's thing has been to wedge himself between us on the pillow. Bella has been burrowing under the covers. They usually snuggle on opposite sides of me.

At breakfast time Bella sits on my chest, Stan gives me the spiny head massage from atop my pillow.
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2 dogs and 1 cat for me.
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they take turns. seriously! Java &/or Chip usually show up while i'm still awake... until Firefox chases them away.
Cable & Pixel are sometimes with me when i wake up.
i don't know how they decided... Pixel & Mouse used to share me, one on each side.
that never happens anymore
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Thor is with us every night.

As for the cats, they get locked out now because Enzo likes to play around and jump from the very tall head board right onto us (12.5lbs). And Stuart likes to rumage around in everything. So, Leya is the only one who sleeps with us on a semi regular basis.
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I share my pillow Bailey (one of the cats) and I share my bed with, the some of other Cats (Madison, Chloe, Zoe, Ozzy, Oliver). Oh Yeah, and my husband squeezes in there some where on the bed also.

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Tilli sleeps between my legs. Milla often sleeps with my sister / room mate, sometimes with me or alone in the living room. Last night she slept on my pillow on my head. I felt like Davy Crockett.
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Every night i sleep with Colin, my stuffed white teddy bear he got me when we first started dating, my stuffed giraffe, Fosters (our Australian Shepherd)- he likes to sleep right between us- put his head on the pillow and stretch out like a person Whiskey (our Carolina Dog) at the foot of the bed, Jasmine squishing me to death on my chest, and Kojak on our pillow or snuggled between us and Fosters. Sometimes Velvet and Isabella will hop up on the bed too, but not always.

We need a bigger bed!
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oh goodness, where shall I start!? Vino is always with me, on the left, usually on top of the other pillows, and he never leaves cause he can't get back up by himself (arthritis is setting in) and like Britni, there are anywhere from 5-10 kitties, only I'm the only human. Hades likes to sleep right on my head He's a pillow hogger too! My girls Antigone, Pandy, Gaia and Demeter will usually line up down my right side, Perseus and Apollo are usally between my legs, Dionysius sleeps somewhere to the left down at the foot, Poseidon has been known to join in, sleeping somewhere on my left too, and if Electra is up there she is usually on me Circe sleeps on my nightstand cuase the other cats get mad at her when she walks all over them to get to me

Dite hasn't gotten to the point where she'll sleep with me yet and Nemesis and Medusa cannot stand to be near all those other kitties
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Aurora always sleeps right next to me, up against my chest and just under my chin. Amber, if she doesn't go outside in the enclosure for the night, will sleep between my wife and I. Boris, if inside, will sleep on our legs. The others will sleep with us at times but Aurora, Amber and Boris are the big snugglers. I do mis our boy Carmelo, when he was a young cub staying inside the house with us. He would sleep right between my wife and I, with his head on the pillow, sucking my thumb
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Tailer sleeps between DH and I...usually with his back paws touching DH and his front ones touching me. Forest sleeps between my legs, using my fanny as a pillow. Harvey hasn't slept with us for a while...not since he's been sick.
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At the moment im dog sitting 1 extra dog, so as well as my 3 on the bed i now have him plus my little murfie cat...its really quite snuggly...except when my sausage dog starts snoring!
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Lilly sleeps curled by my side with me holding her back feet and tail. Don't know why she likes this, but I've done it for years. Forrest sleeps stretched out between my legs.

Thankfully I sleep on my back and don't move much when I sleep so the cat's stay comfy all night.
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Holden sleeps on the mattress right next to my pillow or scrunched up against my back on top of the covers. He has d one this since the second night I got him.
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Blossom sleeps on our bed sometimes. Not so much now that the weather is hotter. It's usually near my legs & I can't move around through the night.
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Crystal sleeps with me the most, and always right next to my pillow. But since she's been sick she's been sleeping under the bed.

Spyder has spells where he'll sleep on my bed as well but it's not a constant thing.
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On a typical night for me I have Hubby to my left, Tosh in between us, Jazz in between our heads, Oreo to my right and Snickers at my feet. Waking up and needing to go to the bathroom is a major ordeal. I spoil my cats too much...I will contort my body to get out of the bed (with a full bladder none the less) to avoid having to move any of them. Do they have me wrapped around their little claws or what?
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95% of the time, I find Marble at my feet. About 50% of the time, Mia joins us, usually up near my head/pillow/neck.
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PJ is waiting for me in bed every night, and when I work night shifts and sleep during the day, he spends the whole day sleeping with me. I love my boy
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I already posted a reply, but John took this picture last night and I had to share... this is pretty much how I look every single night plus he usually has a couple sleeping on him as well.

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