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Who do you sleep with?

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[b]Ok..the question is right there-fess up!!

Of course, I am talking about cats/dogs.....I am curious as to how many of you share your bed with your feline/canine friends?

On a *normal* night we have Oreo(under covers by our feet), Taffy(by my legs) Lucky(my pillow),Boomer(somewhere between DH and I...lol...

So.....Im waiting to hear everyone else's answers
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Mitzi tends to sleep on my mom and dads bed, but she does occasionally sleep on my feet, and on my head, oh, and my hands, arms, back, neck, legs.....
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Both cats sleep with me. Patches will get up on my legs and walk up to me for his good night petting and then settle down to sleep at my feet. Alice snuggles as close by me as she can with my arm over her.
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I share my bed with my 2 kitties! That is when they decide to sleep in it. hehe

They usually come in for a cuddle before I go to sleep. I wake up in the night to see one or both curled up in separte spots in the bed some nights. And each morning I usually get a wake up call from one or both of them.

During the night it seems that they come and go from the bedroom. Abby has taken to sleeping in a box in the closet instead of the bed. But occasionally I find her curled up next to me.
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We're pretty much like the town bicycle...every cat gets a turn with us.

Patches and Whitey will sleep with me. Patches will sleep with us.

Luna will steal my pillow...only if B's isn't around though.
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Well at some point during the night I will have all three in bed with me. Sassy will stay most of the night, Linus comes and goes and Pixie has just started coming in in the morning for about an hour.
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Both my kitties sleep on my bed, and sometimes both my kitties sleep on me.
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Reily,Yowdy,and Flame always sleep on my bed..Jade sleeps with my youngest son and Lily wanders she takes turns...
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Why I first lie down, everyone will come visit and check me out to make sure that I'm all tucked in. Then they wander off to their own spots. The one's that always end of staying are Trace Tumblebrutus (on top of the covers behind my knees), Diva Etcetera (to the right side of my pillow), and Sassy Sasparilla (snuggled up to my chest)
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The number varies each night but we usually have at least 5-10 kitties on the bed with John and I. The dogs sleep in their crates, except for Thunder who sleeps on the floor next to the bed. I'm sure the dogs would absolutely love to sleep on the bed with us too but there's just not enough room!
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I usually go to be alone, but wake up with all three of them snuggled right up next to me....strategically placed, so none of them are anywhere near the others.
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Phoebe has her very own blanket on the foot of my bed and she sleeps there every night. That is when she's not trying to tear down the blinds, hanging from the curtains, knocking things off the dresser, trying to climb the headboard and falling on my head....I could go on and on.
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When I just had Junior he slept with me every night. Since I got Missy and the two of them are together 24/7 I lock them in the other half of the apartment together so they can play without disturbing me. I've been enjoying a good night's sleep ever since.

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Neither, usually. Every now and then Scratch will jump up on my bed but she only stays for a while. Once in a blue moon she stays there the whole night. Squee likes to crawl under the covers in the mornings when I'm done my breakfast.
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Danny is my only kitty and he sleeps right next to me in the winter and generally nearby on the bed in the summer. In the colder weather he is a real cuddle bug!
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All three cats share my bed here, they stay there most of the night, one either side and one at the bottom.
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Keno sleeps in her bed on the 1st floor - she doesn't like coming in our room. Charlie is usually the one sleeping in the bed with us for at least 1/2 the night. Ling usually sleeps by the shelves by the bottom of the stairs.
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Miko used to sleep with us, usually on my legs.
But since Samson came into our lives, I think Miko thinks the bed is too crowded and sleeps elsewhere in the bedroom.

Samson cuddles up by my neck and head for kneading and nuzzling and then usually settles down by my feet.
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Summer goes to bed when I do. She will sleep at either of my sides (whichever side I'm facing), in between us, on our backs or at our feet. she stays there the whole night. Chevy will sleep at our feet sometimes and will climb on top of me and head butt my neck while purring loudly....He's always in the bedroom when we are, and both need to follow us wherever we go!

Their sleeping habits are so sweet! However, I'm jealous of their stress-free life!
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They both sleep with me, but they will go to bed with me (sometimes just Possum), then leave, and then join me again at some point. Then I wake up with them.

I don't usually fall asleep easily, so I won't fall asleep until after they leave. I don't like being confined, and I also toss and turn a lot before I actually fall asleep (apparently also during sleep, as well), so I'm usually happy when they leave. They take up a lot of room. I am happy when I wake up with them there, though!

Loki likes to sleep near my legs, on the covers. Possum likes to sleep up near my head and chest, on whatever side I'm facing. He likes to get under the covers and cuddle with me and touch my face with his paw. It's very sweet, but a little annoying. Sometimes I think he's trying to cut off my breathing!

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In cooler weather, my Dante likes to cuddle up, either right behind my knees or curled up against my stomach. If I move around too much during the night, he'll move down toward the end of the bed. Warmer weather or if I have the screened windows open, well, I lose my appeal big time. My Dharma will sometimes decide to sleep near my head, and will always come by to visit, but she seems to like to patrol the condo during the night. I can usually count on at least one big meow! during the night. I think she likes to see if she can make me wake up and say hi to her.
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My cat, Luchiana, absolutely loves bed-time. In fact, she sometimes gets impatient and starts making her "aggrivated sound" when I stay up later than I usually do. But once she sees the signs (i.e. the television turned off, the lights dimmed, and me brushing my teeth), she perks up and waits for me to head for the bedroom. As soon as I do, she runs over, jumps on the bed, and settles in.

I also have trouble falling to sleep at times, so I'll routinely spend 10-15 minutes petting her. Maybe that's what she likes bed-time so much. Eventually, I get tired ... so I'll just reach out my hand a little so she can lay her head on it. For whatever reason, she digs it. It took me a while to get comfortable doing so, but I eventually managed to do so. She'll come and go through the night, but she's almost always right there when I wake up. And if I sleep too "long", she lets me know.
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I sleep with a stuffed tiger DH gave me and DH, but nothing else furry unfortunately!
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Comet sleeps between me and Keith, Izzy sleeps by my head, and Sylvie sleeps by my feet.
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Tomas will get in bed with me when I go to bed.Sometimes he doesn't even wait for me to get settled down and comfortable. He still sleeps tucked up to my left side and shoulder with his head under my chin and arm around him. Sho will sleep on DH's right or by his feet.

Sometime after I've fallen asleep, Tomas will move and either dozes in the window, on the floor, or in his basket (well it was his, Sho has taken it over now ) Sho will move off to nap elsewhere too. Then around the time I wake up, Tomas will come back for more snuggles.
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I go to sleep alone but wake up in the middle of the night to find shadow sleeping at my feet. She starts the nite off in her box then comes to sleep with me. david will want love at around 6am
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I share my bed with- Eek, I take him in there when I go to bed and he stays there until I get up in the morning! Lying at whichever side Im facing, If I roll over, he switches sides!

BooBoo- Since Glitch has passed BooBoo once again shares our bed with us. He didn't like to share it with Glitch, But he usually sleeps by Eek all the time. His place on the bed is my pillow, weather Im comfortable or not, he knows I wont take it back! LOL

Angel- My five year old joins my bed early in the morning talking about monsters in the closets and dinasaurs in her dreams!

Hubby: Occasionally husband is home and I do have to share my bed with him! He tends to steal the bed and roll over on the kittys and snore.... Erg!
Me and the kitties just politly kick him around until he stops or goes away! LOL
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ALL my furbabies used to sleep w/ me, in their own spots: but alas, no longer - due to the fact that I now have to sleep in a hospital bed (b/c of my back condition) and there isn't much room.. The only furbaby who sleeps w/ me now on a regular basis is Spencer: he finds a spot in between my feet. Maverick will sometimes still burrow under the covers w/ me, or try to steal a spot on my pillow next to my head.

I miss sleeping w/ my furbabies!

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Ok...Max, Lilly, Chase, Jack, Sadie, Sam,Tigger and Hemi sleep with my husband and I so thats 4 cats and 4 dogs!!!!
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Dogs sleep in the bed every night, the kitty sometimes...
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