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Hello -an update

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I just wanted to say hi and explain that I have not been able to post for ages because my telephone line and internet connection were destroyed in a storm three weeks ago. Before that I had intermittent problems witht he phone going off each time it rained, but this has been really catastrophic. France Telecom are now replacing the cables but I don't know when it will be working. I am currently in London at a friend and using his computer. At home it is 30 minutes drive to an internet cafe so although I have been there a couple of times I can't just sit and surf for ages every day.

Anyway, everyone here is fine and looking forward to Christmas, and I hope all of you out there have a wonderful time, if I can't get back online before then. Faith is settling down in Meribel and beginning to enjoy herself, so I hope her heart is mending.

Love, purrs and kisses to all
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Jenny, I hope France Telecom gets everything straightened out ASAP. Happy Holidays, in case your phone and Internet aren't back up by then!
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Jenny, I hope it is all sorted out soon. If not, Merry Chrstmas to you and all the furkids.
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Hi Jenny!

Sorry to hear about the storm. I hope the phone lines were the only damage!

I also hope you have terrific holidays - and are back with phone and internet service ASAP!

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Merry Christmas
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I hope you're back in business with the phone/internet soon. That's such a nuisance! And, in case we don't get another opportunity in time, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
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