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Question of the day 16th December. Your claim to fame.

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Has anybody ever met anyone famous? I had coffee with Jane Seymour one morning as I use to deliver the mail to her house, whilst there I also met Lee Majors as he was a guest at the time. I have yet to bump into Johnny Depp who lives just up the road from me, although I would have to fight the wife off first if I was to spot him
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yea, i have ran into and worked with or got stuck next to a flight with more times then i care to remember. the list would be to long. the following where just people i thought where cool or nice, or i just had a good converstion with,

Chuck Yeager-we talked abut guess what flying, friend of my uncle, so seen him several times

Henry Kissinger-came to the college where i was going and working as part of the stage crew,
we where talking to during the set up, and he invited me to join them for dinner before that nights show. lol really upset the presdent of the college lol

Jeanette Lee- did not know who she was until i saw her on espn sports, lol, very chariming and funny lady.

jimmie carter- i was to young to have voted for him, but i liked him, Thought he was a very warm and carying person. To bad he has gone insane now.

Stevie" Ray Vaughan- he was playing music in bar i was working in when i was under age. lol.
he was cool guy, still miss his music.

that it for the famous people i have come accross that i liked
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I haven't met anyone famous, just got autographs from Australian olypmians, & Sydney radio personalities.
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I've never met anyone famous (that I know of ). When I was 12 I was hit by a car when crossing the road. KGW radio and the Portland Police had me do some radio commercials about traffic safety during the holiday season. I barely remember doing those, not sure why. So, guess that is my little claim to fame
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How cool The "closest" I've been was when I was a child and got to meet Red Skelton at one of his shows. I really don't remember, but my mom told me about it and had a dice or something from Atlantic City with his autograph

However, my BIL was a grade behind Prince. He told us that he never thought Prince was all that great - was a real....*#*# in school. However, I've always been a big Prince fan DH and I watched Purple Rain and now understands that Prince and (DH's) brothers/sisters all went thru a lot of problems at home that really made them more alike - just didn't realize it when they were all kids!
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I have met Gok Wan off How To Look Good Naked on channel 4, but he turned out to be so horrible. He was an ignorant man who seemed to not care about anything. He seems so nice on the TV!
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Back in the day When I used to listen to country music, some friends and I went to a Lonestar concert and got tickets to hang out with them on their bus-it was a BLAST!! Also met Ty England.... Think thats the only famous ones I have met.

My parents got to be on a Jerry Springer show(back in 93 or 94)
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hmmm...ask this question a year from now...

Bruce Springstein seems to like the area I live (and rumor has it loves a restaurant down the road from me). He is also rumored to go to the same gym I do (I doubt he would show up when I'm there...I'm there during the busiest times )

John Bon Jovi has a house closeby too.
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I was walking to university once and almost got run over by an ugly yellow luxury sport convertible and I could swear the man behind the wheel looked exactly like Jack Nicholson. I'm not sure it was him though.

I think that's the only time I might have met a celebrity.

oh no wait!!! I did meet Luciano Pavarotti when I was in high school. We went to the Metropolitan Opera during our school trip to NYC and after we got to go backstage and have a group picture taken with him. I could not get over how HUGE the man was.
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Back in the late 1970's to about 1981 or so I used to bartend at the Concert Hall and the company I worked for also had venues at other concert facilities.

I bartended post concert parties for the following and got to mingle and talk with them:

Harry Belafonte
Pat Benatar
Cliff Richards
Trooper (Ray McGuire is sooooo nice)


I've met and hung out with "Crash Test Dummies" (prior to their big success, Brad Roberts was notorious for his house parties. I was at several).

I've also met Johnny Cash a couple of times. The first time I was responsible for causing a riot (long story), lol. The second time I happened to be head waitress in the dining room where I worked and was assigned to his table. He actually remembered me from the incident a couple years earlier, LOL He was a very sweet man!

I've met Roger Daltry from "The Who", but have not seen them in concert. One year my friend and I had made plans to go out to a roaring 20's type function for New Year's Eve and I had to go pick up our tickets at the hotel that was putting it on. It happened that The Who were in concert here the day I went to pick up the tickets, and they happened to be staying in that same hotel. I went into the hotel and some tall guy dressed in black with long stringy blonde hair literally mowed me down on his way out. I was knocked to the ground like a linebacker had hit me! Before I could really register what happened, I was lifted off the floor and set on my feet and this clumsy guy was asking me if I was ok. I had no clue who he was. I was somewhat rattled but I said I was fine. He insisted on buying me a drink in the lounge. I can't say that I had much say in it because as he was insisting I was being ushered into the lounge. He bought me a drink and we talked for awhile. I found out who he was when he asked me if I was going to the concert that evening. I told him no. He offered me some tickets and back stage passes for my trouble. I declined. I had other plans for that evening. My brother was royally ticked at me when I told him I turned down free tickets and passes to see The Who, lol
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Just a few miles from where I live is one of the most popular summer retreats for a lot of celebrities. I haven't actually meet but have seen several times, Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn, Martin Short, Leonard Nimoy. I did meet Gina Davis when she was filming The Long Kiss Goodnight at one of the local resorts.
I have meet Bobby Orr, Elvis Stoykal and Don Cherry all of whom have been involved with fund raisers that my boss has participated in.
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I met Melanie Griffin and Jeremy Irons when they used my yard and porch for the remake of LOLITA. (Our house was "MRS.OPPOSITE'S" house).
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Well famous if you keep up with billards. I have met Earl Strickland, I know David Howard (Lil' David), and another player who has passed away. I will have to ask hubby his name because I forgot.

My husband has met lots of famous pool players. I would have to ask him who all he has met.

Here is David "Lil David" Howard:
He owns a pool hall by my dad. I used to live across the street from him. Hubby has known him for 20 some years I have known him a good 10 years.

Here is Earl Strickland:
I have pictures of when I met him. I was 8mths pregnant with mine and hubs first son. So that was 8 years ago.

Hubby knows this guy as well (found a website) I don't think I have met him.
Johnny Archer:

If you look down the Florida open list we know a lot of them: Nick Varner, Butch Croft, David Grossman, Nick Applebee etc.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post

My parents got to be on a Jerry Springer show(back in 93 or 94)
Oh my gosh, Jerry Springer, that show makes me laugh!
What were they on there for?

I've never met anyone famous, sad
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I haven't met anyone famous..but I have "seen" Dwayne Wayne from the show "A Different World" You know, the guy with the flip up glasses He was in the train station in Toronto, and was complaining that he couldn't bring his GIANT boombox onto the train
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I've never met anyone famous. I went to a 'meet & greet' after a Chris Isaak concert and met the band, but I don't really count that, since it's all contrived. I honestly have no desire to meet anyone famous. In my opinion, they're just the same as we are...they put their pants on, one leg at a time, just like everyone else.
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I havn't really met anyone really famous. I did meet Zachery Ty Brian when I was younger (the oldest son on Home Improvement). I had my picture taken with him and still have it...my mom said I was the only one brave enough to put my arm around him. http://www.angelfire.com/mi2/HomeImp...ryTyBryan.html

I had a huge crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas at the time who was also on that show lol.
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The most famous person I've met is General Romeo Dallaire. He was speaking at my school and after I went up to shake his hand. He is an amazing man.
I've also met some musicians such as The Arrogant Worms (got a CD and they signed it!), Kris Kristofferson (he was behind me in a lineup at the folkfest last summer and I just said how much I enjoyed the music, he grinned and said thanks!) and a few others.
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I have met several "famous" people, but it's completely lost on me because I don't get star struck at all. Sometimes I feel guilty and wish that people who would care more could have been in my place instead.
Anyway, having said that, off the top of my head, here are some celebrities that I've met: *takes a deep breath* Kate Hudson, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves (twice), Avril Lavigne (twice), Rachel McAdams, Hayden Christensen, Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Mike Myers, Josh Hartnett, Fred Durst, Frankie Muniz (that Malcolm in the Middle kid), two of the members of Sum 41 (the lead singer and the drummer), Delroy Lindo, Gabrielle Reese, Ryan Philippe, and a few others that I can't think of right now...

There are probably only two celebrities that would actually make me star struck....Johnny Depp and Anna Nalick. If I ever meet either of them, I will most likely fall on the floor and start giggling like a school girl. Especially Anna Nalick...She's so purty...
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When I was in college Henry Kissinger gave a speech and he stopped shaking hands about two people before me!! Met a bunch of Green Bay Packer players at events.

When I was in Vegas a couple of yrs ago Paula Abul was shopping at Versace in Cesears Palace but they had the store closed for her but you could see her in the window.
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Okay, I remembered one I met Wilma Mankiller at a talk/booksigning here at Powells. I was toungetied trying to speak with her, managed to sputter out something about where I had lived in Oklahoma that was near her home. She is just an amazing woman. I did talk with her husband for about 10 minutes, wasn't bumfuddled at all then.
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When I was young my grandparents and I would have breakfast almost every day at a little diner on the corner, and Randy Savage would too. He always sat alone in the corner, so I felt bad and would go sit with him.

I also know Nick Bollea (hogans son) very well. He is a popular person in the car scene here. I cant say I care much for the kid after many conversations with him, but I know him very well . . .
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Back in the '70's I met Jim Jensen who was a prominent newscaster in NY at that time and maybe 3 persons on TCS know who he is . Our high school in the Bronx was selected to be on a perspective game show - a la history Jeopardy - against a team from a high school in NJ. Okay, the producer's son went to the HS in NJ, but why my HS in the Bronx? Anyway, we creamed them, so the show never aired. I did get Jensen's autograph.

I was in NYC on business with a co-worker and I saw Joan Rivers in a fur coat coming out of a Broadway show. No matter how hard I nudged him, he didn't see her.

Last night I dreamt that Johnny Depp came into my bedroom in his pirate's outfit and he closed his eyes and had those second eyes on the lids. I closed my eyes in the dream and then I woke up. Does this count?
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no....... I hope that I will get lucky some day to meet someone famous. Knowing me it will be someone I barley knew, a D-lister. I met someone who said, yeah I was from that movie....... I didn't even know the movie, apparently it was one of those that went straight to DVD, no theater time. I can't remember his name
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President Bush & Governor Pitaki. La Cote Basque (which doesn't exist anymore ) was our regular for biz lunches. Gary called to cancel a lunch one day, and the Maitre d' said "I'm so sorry you weren't able to reach us earlier, but the Secret Service tied up the phone lines - of course we'll see you at 12:30." Gary got the hint and kept the lunch with the clients, so we've got witnesses: the Chef of the restaurant (the owner, Jean-Jacques Rachou) made a point of coming out to introduce Gary to President Bush, Laura Bush, Governor Pitaki and Libby Pitaki. They chatted, and asked Gary what he did - he had a package of our stuff. THAT morning (Jan 23, 2002) the headline on our morning notes was "Paul O'Neill and His Shameless Band of Hacks Take Their Weird Show to Tokyo." !!! Laura Bush says, "Oh! The O'Neills are very great friends of ours." ...to which Gary answers - "Isn't it a great thing that we live in a country where we have the liberty to write anything we want." (Or something to that effect). The whole restaurant tinked their glasses.

At nine, Gary played four holes of golf with Frank Sinatra, Spiro Agnew, Bebe Rebozo. (His grandfather lived in Palm Springs next to Frank Sinatra on some golf course).


He played an entire summer on the JPGA tour - he played numerous times with Doug Ford Jr. (two times Masters Champ), who used to hit him in the back of his knees with a clubwhen he wasn't standing right.

We both met Peter O'Malley - the owner of the Dodgers at the time. (Our boss was married to Terry O'Malley, Peter's sister). We met bunches of the Dodgers - we lived in FL, their training camp was in Vero Beach, and Rollie (our boss) used to make us met him there all the time. Rollie was great friends with Yogi Berra, and we always used to sit on the bench where Rollie hung out with him.

Gary used to hang out with many of the Black Hawks at a bar in Chicago, particularly from 1990 - 1993.

Here there are really just too many to list because Gary was a regional manager for Stone Container which had HQ in Chicago and he met so many people at various functions. One of them was Michael Jordan.


Well, let's see. From 1977 to 1980 Gary was friends with all the members of AC/DC, and they used to hang out in his apartment in Chicago, and he toured around with them for a while.

In 1993 Gary managed Nine Inch Nails for a couple months - they were hanging out in Seattle at the time. He had Thanksgiving with Pearl Jam that year. He was totally plugged into the "Seattle scene" at the time, so he knew most of the bands back then...

He recognized Johnny Winter at a bar in Alabama, and hung out with and drank with him. Coaxed him into playing a few sets for the bar.

Gary knows George Clinton and Bootsie Collins (Parliament). When they played in NY in 2005, he took Naomi (our adopted daugher) to the concert. I didn't go because there was a HUGE snow storm coming. Their manager didn't show up to the concert, they didn't know where to park the bus, and Gary handled it all (knows the people who own BB King's in NY). ...turns out I-80 was closed that night because of the storm - Gary blew through the cones to get home though. I have to find them, but we actually have pictures of Naomi dancing on stage with the band, and George Clinton hugging her.

Gary was a massive fan of Thin Lizzy, and knew all the bouncers at most of the venues in Chicago. He got backstage the first time he saw Lizzy, and became friends with Phil Lynott. Got to meet and hang out with Gary Moore several times too. He hung out with Phil every time they were through Chicago in that mid-70s to early 80s time frame - must have hung out with him at least 20 times.

That same restaurant where Gary met the Bushes, we met (at dinner time) Berry Gordy and Diana Ross during dinner in NYC. They were seated at Table One, which was usually held for us. We sat next to them and got to talking. (We had money back then and bought them a MUCH better bottle of wine than they were drinking )

I'm missing a LOT - I'll ask Gary tomorrow for more.


Because of work, we've met loads of famous business people: We met (I mean had one-on-one meetings with) Kevin McNeeley (CEO of Sun), Eric Schmidt - we met him at Novell after he left Sun Micro, but he's CEO of Google now. Don't know if you remember "Chainsaw" Al Dunlop (Sunbeam). Gary met him on an elevator too. They got into a big argument. Ended up with a crowd around them in the lobby of the hotel (the NY Palace). In the end, Al gave Gary the business card with his personal direct line on it. (Though we never did initiate coverage of Sunbeam - good thing, too.)

The biggest one: Gary played bridge (online) with Warren Buffet through someone we were doing consulting work with at the time. That was in 1999.

We're working now with the guy that used to head Citibank's M&A department - he's the one who did the Prudential and Bache merger.

Here I'm sure there's more - but it was stuff a decade ago, and my brain's not functioning so well right at the moment.


When we used to commute into NYC frequently (before and around the time we started rescuing kitties), we used to take our dry cleaning into the city to get it done rather than find the time to deal with it out here. Donald Sutherland used the same dry cleaner. The first time we ran into him, Gary told him we're huge fans of his work. He asked which was our favorite movie, and of course we both agreed - Kelly's Heroes. He laughed - he said no one had ever picked that one for their favorite role of his. Gary did an imatation of him in part of it, and Donald Sutherland was in stitches. ("...and this is my other dog impression..." )

When we lived and worked in LA, we used to fly to NY (where all our customers were) and stay for weeks or up to a month at The Palace. We met Jackie Chan on the elavator. He had a really cool bag - so did Gary, and they got to talking about them, though Jackie's english was pretty broken.

Gary most likely has met others.


Gary was shipped off to boarding school for a while as a kid. He went to a small exclusive school, and ended up being in school with the nephew of the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia. When he visited, Gary and his dad had dinner with him and the nephew. They were the first jews he'd ever eaten with.

Classic Music

Gary's dad's family was very involved in Chicago Opera stuff and made Gary attend some special kid's program thing. He was actually in La Boheme at 12. He met George Solti (who used to get pissed off at him and throw stuff at him) and Itzhak Perlman.


Gary's dad's family is originally from the Ukraine. His great-grandfather was the one who emigrated to the US. Turns out Marc Chagall's family is from the same village. He spent a weekend at Gary's country house with the family, and drew Gary a charcoal (which his dad took possession of and we have no idea what happened to it).

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I met Leslie Nielson when I was doing a parade in Elkins WV, Former PA Governor Tom Ridge when he was still Governor, current WV Governor Joe Manchin, and many WVU football players when I was a student. My sister met Clay Aiken a few weeks ago.
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Tee! Hee! The names are mounting up now. I forgot to mention I bumped into, or should I say nearly stepped on Paul Daniels the magician whilst in town once. He was as arragent as anything. I also had in my class at school Roland Orzabal from the group Tears for Fears. I also met Peter Gabriel whilst helping my mate do some work at his recording studio.

Two of the funniest encounters were seing the comedian Tommy Cooper who tripped coming out of a shop doorway, he picked himself up and dusted himself off, and then just used his famous catchphrase, Just Like That!

Also I was driving my Father through town once when he said he spotted the comedian Windsor Davies from the old comedy show It Aint Half Hot Mum, he played the Sergeant Major, his catchphrase on the show was,
Nice Shoulders Son! Show Em Off!

We drove up the road and turned around, coming back down the street Windsor was now on my Dads side of the road. My Dad wound the window down and called out to him, Nice Shoulders Son Show Em Off!!
With tears of laughter running down my face I failed to notice that a car had stopped at a pedestrian crossing right outside the police station. On hearing the sound of the impact Windsor Davies turned to us and gave such a quirky grin, the two ends of that well known moustache of his just curled up both sides of his face
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I met Cybil Shepard once. She is my best friend from grade-school's Aunt. We picked her up from the airport. She wasn't super friendly. I barely recognized her. I was able to hang out with her oldest daughter quite often at my friends house when we were teens. She was very nice and down to earth. And she was gorgeous! I remember being a couple of years older than her, and she looked way older than me.
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I got to see (and pet) First Landing, a race horse from the late 1950's. I did this in 1973.

I have seen onstage, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins plus others.
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I have seen Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn because they have a summer house in the area just off of one of the large lakes. My friend's parents live just about 3 houses down from them.
I have also met quite a few hockey players
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