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These mice don't fear cats!

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Interesting read!
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That's pretty interesting. GM'ing to prove theories. I'm still not 100% behind changing the animals by nature.
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ok so the cats can just get them faster because the mice dont run because they're not scared? that's a lot more dead mice. what is up with this world???? it's nature.... leave it alone! imo of course...
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As long as they don't let the cats eat them, and make sure none of the mice escape and spread the fearlessness throughout the general mouse population, then I don't really have a problem with it. I know its just seems like they're messing around, but its a way of testing how good science has become at manipulating genes and DNA, and since the mice aren't suffering as a result I think its OK. Kinda exciting, even.
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I find it interesting that fear of cats is apparently inborn, not learned. We used to have a big old granddaddy of a sewer rat (RB) sunning himself in our back yard, right in the presence of cats. One time, Jamie picked him up and deposited him on my lap, and that old rat really didn't seem petrified. He was around here for three or four years, though, so maybe he just go too old to react.
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Is the next picture the one of that cat eating that fearless mouse?
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I have a hamster that isn't scared of my cats and my cat's don't try to eat him. No GM needed
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On a semi-related note. Myth-busters did the old myth about elephants being afraid of mice. Danged if it didn't turn out to be true. The myth-buster guys were as surprised as anyone. Nature is a funny thing.
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nature certainly is funny...

JCAT did you freak when you had the big rat on you???
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Originally Posted by Shiraz21 View Post
nature certainly is funny...

JCAT did you freak when you had the big rat on you???
I grew up at a "zoo", meaning we had all sorts of pets, many of them exotic (tarantulas, boas, skunks, ferrets, iguanas, toads, squirrels, a blind donkey, etc.,) and rats were among my favorites. I'd love to have rats again, but think I might have trouble convincing my pet-sitting mother-in-law that they're smart and harmless.
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