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My Tissues Are Endangered!!!

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Esper recently has decided that tissues are her favourite things. I'm not worried about her eating them. It's just that she manages to pull them out, (even out of a full box), and shreds them leaving piles of shredded tissue.

And she's even discovered the toilet roll. She toilet papered the entire bathroom twice so far. It's stopped for one day now...I'm hoping it's a permanent change but you can never tell.

Any suggestions?

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My only solution to the problem was putting the tissues out of reach, and keeping the bathroom doors closed. I tried to reason with them, and they just wouldn't listen
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LOL Sandie!

I keep a book on top of my tissue box- and big rubber bands around my paper towels and toilet paper rolls.
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We keep our toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet which is easily reached when on the toilet to keep Ollie from shredding it. Silly cat!
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We turn our tissue boxes upside down. As for TP, they seem to have gotten over that, we can leave the doors open now, but we used to have to close them. Try keeping them closed for several weeks, then start leaving them open again, maybe your kitty will forget how much fun it is. But then again, they are stubborn...
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Even if we could get them over the TP thing, we still have a Q-Tip thief.....
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Hmm....tried the elastic band trick....led to tiny bits of toilet paper everywhere....it just made it more fun......well at least with the new place the kitty litter will be in a place away from the human's bathroom. So shredding for a tiny while longer...*sigh*...

Turning the box upside down or putting a book on top....why on earth didn't I think of that? Tytytytytyty for the most obvious answers there guys. ^_^

Will try and see what happens.

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