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Hairball troubles?

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Coconut has been hacking up a storm for about 2 weeks now.
He had a cold and my vet checked him out and said his lungs were clear, that he is just suffering from hairballs. She did give him an antibiotic for the cold. We are still taking that.

He has coughed up two gross looking hairballs in a weeks time. I even took the one into our vet.

He is still coughing or retching daily.
The vet said some kits are over groomers and have to be on hairball lax all their lives everyday with a daily dose.

Pumpkin and Cumi are not even hacking at all. Pumpkin is long haired and no hairballs! And Cumi, with his continued need to nurse himself to sleep, I would think would have hairballs way before Coco.

What do you guys think?
Is this normal to have so much daily hacking and coughing?
Should I get a second opinion?
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I'd be worried about continuous daily hacking. Have you given her the hairball gel? If so and it's not working, I'd say consult the vet.
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