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She drinks an awful lot of water...

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Mitties has been drinking a lot more water than usual lately, with no increase in "pee clumps" in her litter. No change in food; she gets Orijen. She has had her water fountain since summer. Could it be just because the air is much drier now that it's winter? It does get terribly dry in here....

But I just thought it was strange that I see her drinking all the time which you'd think would mean more pee, but that's not the case. Hmmm.....
Maybe I'm just paranoid.
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did you reduce the wet food??

increased thirst is not a good sign
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Of course I think you should consult with a vet in light of Mittie's earlier history of UTIs. However, I also wonder if the lactulose is causing the excessive thirst. I think it works by absorbing the water from the kidneys to make the stool soft. Maybe that's where the water is going?!?
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Mitties hasn't had wet food since summer. It seemed to make her constipation worse and even the vet agreed. And Mitties' UTI's were caused caused by bacteria entering after they shaved her undercarriage and gave her an enema. She's doing great now; no UTI's and no constipation. But just in the last couple weeks I noticed she drinks more than she normally did. I'm just hoping it's the really dry air up here but I will keep an eye on her. Maybe a vet checkup is in order...
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Please get her checked out, we noticed our kitty Pixie (RIP) was drinking an insane amount of water and began hanging out right by the water bowl. I thought the behavior was so strange for her we brought her to the vet and we found out she was diabetic. It might be a good idea to check her out.
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Please get her checked out. Increased thirst can often be the first symptom of diabetes and renal failure. You will rest much easier if you can rule out those two diseases. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's just the dry air that's causing her increased thirst.
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Ditto on taking her to the vet for blood tests. I noticed my boo was drinking ALOT of water and always hangning around the sinks waiting for us to turn the faucet on. I took her to the vet and found out she has chronic renal failure. She is only seven years old so the vet was suprised that she had this condition. good luck!
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it can be other things too...

both of my kittens drank a ridiculous amount of water and they both fell ill.
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Go to the Vet my Cats with Crf did that and Coco is doing taht with her Bladder Infection. Thyroid,Diavetis and Kidney cause Cats to drink alot of water too. it can be anything.
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Yes, get her to the vet and request a blood tests and a kidney panel test. Drinking lots of water is a sign of renal failure (CRF) or diabetes.
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