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Looking to partner with a nonprofit org

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Hello Friends,

Last fall, I launched www.harrythecat.org to raise money for animal welfare charities. My website sells unique "Harry the Cat" branded products, and 100% of the profits are donated. Each month, I select an organization to benefit from harrythecat.org web sales. I am posting to this board because I am seeking a nonprofit no-kill animal welfare organization with which to partner in March. Hopefully, I can raise some money for your organization!

My Harry the Cat fundraising effort combines my love for all animals and my senior management project at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. My project goal was to develop and sell merchandise to raise money for animal charities. My long-term goal is to establish Harry as a year-round fundraising organization, and there are even plans for an educational children's book!

If you would be interested in partnering in March, please let me know! I would love to work with an organization that is interested in promoting our partnership (using no-cost ways, of course), so that together, we can raise money for animals! Some ideas include: placing fundraiser info on your website and in your newsletter, selling Harry's message stickers at your mobile adoptions, etc. (I print the stickers, so there is no investment on the part of the nonprofit.) This is my volunteer work -- I just want to help organizations that help animals.

Looking forward to working with you!

Take care,
Angela (harry@harrythecat.org)
Founder, Harry the Cat
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That is a wonderful way to help all the animals who are in need! You are an for doing this! I wish I could help you find an organization, but I'm not real "up and up" on that kind of thing. I'm sure you'll get some good replies back! Best of luck and BTW, I really enjoyed your website!
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Thank you so much for your kind reply! I am loving thecatsite forums!
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And we are very glad to have you here!!! When I have more time I will check out your website! I must get to bed now, though!
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