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Hello everyone

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Hi from SE Pennsylvania, where we are supposed to get MORE snow tomorrow..sigh.

I am proud to be owned by 10 cats. It wasn't something I had planned, to have this many...we adopted a cat from the SPCA only to discover a few weeks later that she was pregnant. We couldn't find good, responsible homes for the 6 kittens, so we kept them all, in addition to the 4 adults (including their mom) that we already had. That was almost 2 years ago.

I can't imagine my life without all of these little furrballs in it. Each one has his or her own personality and they bring such joy and love to my life. Like I said, this wasn't something I had planned, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I am attaching a photo of 9 out of the 10 kitties. Sunshine was sitting on the dresser watching me take the picture, so he is missing from it.
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What a nice collection of bed warmers! Welcome to the board.
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Yes, sometimes it gets rather...difficult to roll over at night.

My pride includes:

Midnight: 10 yrs old, all black male
Coal: 11 yrs old Russian blue male
Sunshine: 4 yrs old Orange and white tabby male
Lilith: 3 yr old tortoiseshell female, and mom of the 6 kittens.

Kittens: (Will be 2 yrs old on 5/17/03)

Jules: Orange tabby boy
Blondie: Buff/blonde tabby boy
Polly: Blue polydactyl boy
Silver: Silver tabby girl
Pan: Brown tabby girl
Max: Dilute tortie girl
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Just thought I would add a bit about how my cats and I found one another.

Midnight was a rescue from the SPCA. I had just moved out on my own from my mom's house two weeks earlier and wanted a kitten. I specifically wanted a black kitten; I had always wanted one, but my mom believed they were bad luck. When I got to the shelter, there were no black kittens, but one of the shelter employees suggested that I look at a 6 month old black cat. They took him out of the cage and handed him to me, and he promptly head-butted my chin and began to wash my face. Needless to say, Midnight came home with me that day, and we have been inseperable ever since for the past 10 years!

Sunshine was a blur of orange that ran across the highway one afternoon in front of my car. I pulled over to see what had run in front of me and came face to face with a tiny (8 wks old?) orange and white kitten sitting at the side of the road. I made a meowing noise at him, and he leaped into my arms. He is now 3 years old and has never outgrown kittenhood emotionally, he is very affectionate and clingy.

A few years ago, I decided that 2 cats was not enough and went to the local SPCA. Coal, a gorgeous 18 lb Russian Blue guy, reached out of his cage and tapped me. I looked in at him and he meowed very loudly. His owner had died after ten years together, and now he was in the shelter. He came home with us, and bonded very closely with me. He runs to me and cries at me when it is bedtime, he sleep in between us with a paw on top of my head. He is now 11 years old, will be 12 this spring.

Lilith was adopted a week after we got Coal. There had been an orange kitten at the shelter that we had fallen for,but he had not been ready for adoption at that time. When we went back, he had already found a home, but we met a beautiful tortoiseshell gal, only a year old, and she came home with us that day. Three weeks later, we found out she was pregnant! We were like nervous parents waiting for the kittens to be born, and on 5/17/01, Lil had 6 kittens, 3 girls and 3 boys. I will post again in a little bit about the kittens.
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What a great photo and story! Makes me want to have more cats -- oh, the ache! Since 7 of them are related, they must be so affectionate with eachother, no "territory" issues
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Yes, the 6 kittens get along wonderfully. They sleep snuggled together, bathe one another, and play all sorts of games together. Lilith tolerates them patiently, but every so often one will get on their mom's nerves and she is quick to put them in their place. ("I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it!")

Midnight has adopted the kittens like a surrogate Dad. Sunshine mostly keeps his distance peacefully, and Coal tolerates the girls, but the boys tease the heck out of him. He is almost 12 yrs old and wants to sleep; Blondie comes up from under the covers and pounces on him!
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Wow, and I thought sleeping with just 2 cats made for a difficult time rolling over! You must be very warm at night.
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Wow! THats a lot of cats!!!!
Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Wow!! Look at that bed! In the winter, who needs blankets when you have all that fur?

Welcome to the site!

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What a beautiful clan! You may need an extra bedroom...or a California King.
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It's not bad if they're not all encamped on the bed when I try to get in it; if they add themselves gradually, it works ok. But trying to convince cats to move so I can get under the covers or straighten out my legs can be challenging. The wounded looks, the pitiful complaints...
On the plus side, it's nice and warm sleeping with all that fur!
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that is amazeing. i have trouble just getting my 2 cats in the same picture
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What a beautiful bunch of kids you have!!! OK, OK, I see their bedroom...where's yours? LOL!

Great Picture!

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Your cats are beautiful! I too am owned by 10 cats! I sleep with 2 different ones each night!
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WOW! That's a lot of cats!
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