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Excessive talking - new

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Since adopting George in May, he's barely uttered a peep - unless he was trying to get me out of bed. For a week now, he will not stop talking!! He would also do the ocassional chirp but not a meow. I think he's been saving up all he had to say and finally feels comfortable to let me know what he thinks of his new home!
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Aww, that's great!! Ares is a talker and I think it's hilarious
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I love it when they "talk". I wish I could understand what they are saying and write book quoting their anecdotes.
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Cats never cease to suprise their humans! That is neat he is talking all the time now, what is he saying?

I wish I knew what mine was saying, she makes so many different sounds, pitch and everything.
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Both of my new kittens "chirp" and "coo", our younger girl Nymeria meows if she is alone in a room asking were everyone went, however our other girls tries to meow but nothing comes out. I was told that she is really meowing but maybe at a frequency that humans cat hear or something. Its so cute when she is meowing about and nothing comes out of her mouth lol. Kitties are such interesting animals aren't they
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