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My Parents are adopting (4 legged furry)!!

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I am so happy for them!!! We lost both our cats in the last few years (15 and 16) and my parents have been waiting. We have a dog, but no more kitties. A friend of the family who has 3 siamese in the house, but also has a barn and takes 'unhomeable ferals' from a local rescue once they are spay/neutered as barn cats. Most of them are really wild and cant even be a pet, but atleast they have a warm safe home with food!

In anycase one of them got mixed up in the process it seems because she is an absolute doll!! But she went missing for a few days and our friend found her shaking and starving in a hay feeder!! She was being beat up by another wild cat and couldn't defend herself so she brought her in the house!

Turns out she is TERRIFIED of other cats and just hides whenever one of the siaemse come around, even though they are pretty friendly. For now she is living in the dog room (loves the great dane and the boxer) and gaining weight, but because she is SO people friendly this situation wouldn't work! SHe needs a home where she can be with people all the time! Also she doesn't have any interest in going outside, even though we live in the country our road has gotten busy and my parents really want an indoor only kitty.

So my parents have agreed to take her!!! She will be an only kitty in a one dog house so I think she'll be quite happy!!

ANd isn't she gorgeous?? her tips of her ears are gone from frostbite.....
They are going to get her in early january!

Another happy ending!
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That poor baby She has had some awful experiences. Your parents are wonderful for taking her in and giving her the loving home she deserves
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What a beautiful girl! She's had such a hard life, the poor thing I'm so glad that your parents are giving her a chance at a loving home!
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She will be WELL LOVED and def. not in want of anything!! Our friend really wanted to find a home and not try through the shelter since she is already 7 she would be tough to home.

I'm very glad they asked us!
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Oh what a beautiful girl! I'm so glad to hear her story has a wonderfullly happy ending coming!
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Awww, what a gorgeous girl! I'm so glad she'll have the wonderful life she deserves with your parents!
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Aww, that's wonderful! She is a beautiful kitty!
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