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Evelyn Marea Lynn is Here!

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Let me remind you all that she was nearly aborted without my consent at six weeks. At ten weeks, I had a threatened miscarriage and we nearly lost her. The story continues from there.

When I went in to the hospital, her heart beat was going up and down and was obviously very concerning. The doctor decided to induce labor. It took them four tries to get an IV in me, and then the doctor went to break my waters. Her head was right against the membrane and it was very difficult to do. Finally she got it on the third try and I thought we'd be getting started.


Pitocin was started two hours later. An hour after that, there was no progress. My cervix was only 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. And HIGH. Ugh! Pitocin was increased and we went from there. I was about to give up and ask for an epidural when I began to transition. The nurse checked me and I was still only 6 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Two contractions later we were up to 8 cm but only 80% effaced. Two more and 10 cm. 80% effaced. I was told *not* to push because I wasn't thin enough and my cervix was so high. There was a high risk of me tearing my cervix. But after three more contractions, I couldn't handle it any more.

Because there was meconium in the waters, the NICU doctors were on call. My doctor was prepared, called the NICU, and I bore down. There was a mirror on the ceiling so that I could watch the birth, and when I saw her crown, instead of taking a break (logical), I bore down harder. Seeing her head born, I bore down harder. She came out in ONE push, like all three of my daughters, now.

What was truly alarming is that there were two knots in the umbilical cord, and the cord was around her neck three times. The doctor got the cord away from the neck, and she screamed immediately (NICU unnecessary, in other words). The cord was about as big around as the cable connecting your computer to the outlet right now, and I'm serious. The placenta was about half the normal size.

Evvie spent NO time in the NICU. She's been doing brilliantly and nursing like a pro! We are both incredibly proud of her!
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Congratulations...can't wait to see pics of her
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Congratulations!!! I'm so glad she's doing so great!
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Awwwww Congratulations to you all. You are a brave Mommy

I cant wait to see pics of Evvie
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So glad to hear all went well. Welcome to the new cat lover!
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That's a friend of ours, not my hubby, holding her

I'm without internet at home right now, so it might be awhile before I can update again on how things are going with her and the kitties. Baloo is looking forward to me coming in, and I'm pretty sure that Whisper will lose his mind when he sees me

Hopefully introductions will go well and we won't have any jealousy issues over who gets the milk
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Oh my goodness she is a beautiful baby girl
Get plenty of rest and update us when you can
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Aww! A miracle baby. And she is soooooo cute! Congrats!!!
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congratulations! I am sure you are glad that that part of the journey is over.
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Oh, my gosh, she's so perfect and gorgeous! You'd never know she had such a hard time getting here! I'm so happy for you.
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Congrats what a beautiful baby she is!
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Congratulations! Ewie is just beautiful!
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She is so perfect, and gorgeous!!
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Thank you all! We are doing remarkably well. I'm surprisingly not tired in spite of doing all of the night parenting (not asking DH to) and I feel wonderful. A friend thinks that it might just be adhrenalin, but I don't know. I'm sleeping well when I sleep and she went for four and a half hours this morning! Unfortunately I slept through it, but she nursed well when she woke up
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Congratulations, little Evvie is beautiful - you must be very proud parents.
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Congratulations she is absolutley beautiful. enjoy that sweet little darling and get some rest.
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Wow, she is beautiful! She looks pretty big - how much did she weigh?
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awwwwww what a beautiful looking baby!!!!
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She's adorable! Congratulations!!!
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That's an incredible story - you must be really REALLY proud that she's beaten all the odds! Congratulations!!
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Congrats! You two have been through so much.
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Oh my goodness, congratulations!! She is BEAUTIFUL
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CONGRATULATIONS! She is adorable! I am sure the kitties will adjust! It must be so exciting!
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Congratulations...and she's absolutely beautiful!
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