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Loving Behavior

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Um, I don't know where to start I adopted my cat about a week ago well my mom did but I was there. We took the cat home and left it in my room for a while so he would sleep in my room and tend to me than any other family member. My cat barely goes around the house just stays in a few hiding spots. When he does go on my bed or anywhere else he wants me to pet him so I do. I can never pet him for a full thirty seconds he has to turn around rub my hands about ten times and then when I stop petting him he will rub my hands still wanting me to pet him. I am wondering if I stop if he will think I am neglecting him and also I want to know if rubbing that much is normal?
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He is depositing his scent on you and claiming you as "his." That is what all the rubbing is about. It blends the two of you scent-wise together..It's a good thing!
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AWww that is so sweet!
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Well so how long should this take or is it a forever going behavior or should I say loving
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His rubbing against you may be a comforting thing for him. He obviously is bonding with you and thinks you are a safe person, so he might do it more when he's in an uncomfortable or stressful situation. When I let my cat out into the hallway of my apartment building, she'll often spend a few minutes rubbing up against me, especially if she can hear people coming in and out of the hallway on the other side of our fire door. It's almost like she's making sure she has an anchor to come back to when she goes out exploring.

When we are inside, she rubs much less often. But, every day before I go to work and when I come home she rubs against me. I think she is saying "This is my human-stay off" in the morning, or "You're my person, and I'm putting my mark back on you" when I come home.
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all of the previous ideas are right on. Your new kitty is just trying to bond with you. And because he is new to your home, he is going to put his scent on every thing till it feels like home for him, just let him schmooze you all he wants, and tell him every day that he is the most special cat ever; he will adjust.
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