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Hobbes' diagnosis

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Hey guys...

So, last night, we decided to take our Hobbes in to the emergency vet because he was peeing outside the litterbox, and in the case of urinary issues, we know it needs to be checked RIGHT AWAY.

Well, he wound up having to stay the night, because they kept having problems getting his urinary sample to run tests 3am they still hadn't been able to get one, and we left the office at about 10:30pm. He'd peed, sure...but all over the table and the guy holding him, hehe, so it didn't make it into the cup...then they had a couple emergency cases come in that delayed it even more.

So, my husband now has him in the car, and is on his way home...with antibiotics. BUT...the urinalysis won't be done for a few more days. Is it safe to assume that he needs the antibiotics even though they don't know if there's an infection? I called the office to see what, exactly, they'd determined, and it seemed like a "just in case" type thing, giving him the meds. Is it safe to go ahead and give them to him?

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions...

Oh, and I could also use opinions on what types of wet food to try with him to increase his fluid intake. That and opinions on water fountains (and water purification ideas), as I suspect the recent addition of more fluoride to the tap water here cause this issue (as he's never had a single other health issue in his life). So suggestions on both would be great! Thanks!

(Oh, and for those wondering what's going on with Sunny...we'd had an appt scheduled for her for Monday, and then this emergency popped up with Hobbes. We may still be able to, financially, take her on Monday, or we may have to delay it for a couple more days after. Hopefully finances will allow on Monday.)
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I also wanted to add that, because of this, we're thinking of buying a Drinkwell Fountain, and I'm considering getting the 100% organic wheatgrass that you can buy to go with, that grows hydraponically in the fountain itself.

Your thoughts?
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Hah. That's exactly what my cat kept on doing. Peed all over the vet and the table when they tried to get a clean sample out of him.

Mine is now on prescription Royal Canin SO cat food for urinary problem cats and is doing well on it. The vet never did get a clean sample out of him. Every time they would put him on the table he'd pee on the table.
They told me to bring him back but I didn't as he got better after being put on prescription food.
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I had to take my Maverick in to the vet about 2 weeks ago for what I thought might be a UTI (he was going to the litterbox like every 5-10 minutes, but he couldn't go). The vet didn't find any evidence of a UTI, but put Maverick on antibiotics "just in case". So I don't think it would hurt any to give your furbaby the antibiotics: it won't hurt him either way, and it's better to be safe than sorry. UTI's can kill a cat...

I hope your little guy will be all right!

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Lola's UTI manifested itself by inappropriate urination issues. She peed on my computer chair and beside the litterbox. She was on 4 different antibiotics, for a total of 9 weeks before the cystocentesis came back clear. She continued to pee beside the litter box until the final week of the final antibiotic.

Good luck!
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I think if it were me I would give the antibiotics, but also take him to my regular vet to get her advice.
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I agree, start the antibiotics.
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Yes start the antibiotics ... plus maybe if you have a understanding vet take both in on monday... many vets will either only charge one office call of none if you have to bring in more than one ...
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Keep him on Antibiotics. My Old Cat has been on Clavamox since Nov 28th and still has a Bladder Infection. Last time it took 2.5 Months to get rid of it. She is on her 3rd box of Clavamox because they did a test and it says Clavamox will help. Same problem last time too. I hope your Cat gets better fast.
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Okay...thanks guys!

Well, I went ahead and started the meds...and he's doing much better. He's still crying now and then after a trip to the box...and still every now and then licking his "parts"...but he's obviously feeling better than he was!

Still waiting for test results...

But, given that there's been a good change, it's a good sign it's getting handled, right?
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Yes but do remember some of these are hard to fully get rid of
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