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I used to smoke. I started when I was 16, because I thought it made me look cool and all my friends were doing it. I quit 10 or so years later because it was affecting my breathing. I haven't had a cigarette since, and in fact I can't stand to be aournd anyone who is smoking. It makes it very hard for me to breathe.
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Never have, never will. I watched my grandpa suffer the last years of his life. He couldn't even walk to the bathroom which was only 10 ft away from the living room without sitting on his chair walker and using his oxygen
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When I was 11, my Mom and Dad went to the doctor and came home not happy. They told me that Dad had cancer of the larynx and had to have his voice box removed. I just asked if he would be okay and they said that he would. He was not. He came home being unable to talk with a hole in his throat. I was the only one who could understand him so if he went to the deli for his ham I went with him as the interpreter. I watched him die slowly for the next 3 years. It wasn't until I saw the priest give him Extreme Unction that I believed he was really dying.

My Dad never saw me graduate from Cornell and get an MBA from U of M. He wasn't alive to walk me down the aisle or see his grandchildren.
I have never smoked, nor has my mother or brother. My husband never did, probably because he lost his father to smoking as well.

There was an anti-smoking ad on TV where the woman had the same operation and she was still smoking through the stomata. I cried every time I saw it and told our kids that look what smoking does to you and that is what it did to my father who would have loved to have such wonderful grandchildren. Neither kid smokes or even tried it (trust me, I would know from the smell) and they are 21 and 13.
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Never smoked, never wanted to...

My grandpa has really awful asthma and my grandma is on oxygen due to smoking for so long (both quit ~20 years ago).

That and I start coughing if I'm sitting too close to a smoker.

Plus, my job would kill me if I started!
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Never smoked and never will.

I remember visiting my grandparents every weekend when I was growing up and everybody there (except the little children) smoked. Everything that came out of my grandparent's house smelled so strongly of smoke. I remember commenting once that I didn't like the colour they had painted their ceiling and my parents telling me that it was cigarette smoke, not paint that made it that colour.

Even at that young age, I thought that if it did that to the ceiling, imagine what it was doing to your insides. That coupled with the fact that it made my eyes, nose, throat and airways sting meant I never, ever wanted to smoke.
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You left out an option: I used to smoke but I quit.

I started at 12, and smoked for 24 years. I've been off them now for 4 years, and I'll NEVER go back.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I've never smoked and never wanted to try
Me too!
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I started smoking when I was in high school at 13. It was partly peer pressure, and both my parents smoked. I will give up when life is less stressful. Going through some pretty crappy stuff right now.
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I started when I was 11, and I quit this last June.
I will still have a smoke with a beer, but I have beer maybe 2-3 times a year, so I'm happy with that.
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I started when I was 18, but quit on and off for years. Most of it was stress or social smoking. Never truely enjoyed it though.

I officially began to quit 4 years ago. Had a one month relapse 3 years ago, but that's been it. Funny thing is, now it makes me ill.
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I was raised in a home where we were all allergic to smoke. Then I went to work in a place where smoking was allowed in a breakroom inside. At first, it really irritated me, but then I got used to it to the point where I enjoyed it. By the end of break, you couldn't even see across the room. Needless to say, when I was done working there, smoke didn't bother me anymore. I tried cigarettes some, but really couldn't handle the way they make me smell. I really enjoy having a clove cigarette or a cigar occasionally, but that is all it is...occasional.
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I did once or twice in my late teens under severe stress. Made me very ill. Can't abide the smell either.
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