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Breeding problem

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I have a Burmese male that can't seem to get the job done. He has been exposed to two females but he apparently cannot make connection. He makes many attempts but always places himself too high on the females back. Has anyone else had this problem. He is a large male and the females are medium sized. They get along fine and go through all the motions but he never makes connection with the female. Help!
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Hmmm not sure if you can do anything. How old is he? Have you contacted any other Burmese breeders to see if they have suggestions?
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My mother used to breed poodles and when that problem arose, she would support the female up to "meet" the male.

Not sure that would work with cats though!
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He is almost three. I have attempted to bring the female up but he loses interest when I get involved. I have discussed this with some other breeders but no help. Thanks for your interest.
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