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I'm Done!!!

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Yes, I am finished with my master's degree.

I am paid up, approved to graduate, and just handed in my final exam and final projects for the semester

In 4-6 week I will have a piece of paper that states that I am a graduate.

I'm going to get started early on that bottle of sparkling wine I got at the holiday lunch yesterday. Well, after a quick trip to the store for
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Congratulations! Well done! go on and drink the whole bottle, you deserve it!!
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What an accomplishment. Congratulations!
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Congrats!!!! How exciting for you.
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Vongratulations! What a great accomplishment!
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Well Done and Congratultions!!! Drink it all
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Congratulations What a fabulous achievement - you deserve your celebration
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Three cheers for you!
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Congratulations! That is AWESOME!
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So should we call you "Master" now?
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I can't wait till I can say that!

I just finished up my second year and I'll get a piece of paper that says I have a two year degree
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Congratulations on your achievement!
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thank you thank you thank you all!


Hmmm...should I go for a doctorate now? Just kidding!
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