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I've done the most awful thing

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I just can't believe how stupid I have been.

Made the mistake of going to a pet store and falling in love with a little Mini Foxie in the window who was all by himself.

Talked it over with hubby (for hours mind you) and although he wasn't really sure, I said I was and we went and got him.

Had him for two nights now, and its 4am and I haven't gotten a wink of sleep because he just keeps crying for attention.

I KNOW that they do this, and I KNOW it will stop, but I have anxiety/panic disorder (which is/was under control with meds) and I just can't take it.

I'm also expecting in April, and I can't believe I thought getting a puppy would be a good idea.

We are building a room in our garage so my Mum can come stay with us and look after the baby when I go back to work, so we already have the stress of getting that done in time.

My husband has been telling me for months he is stressed and not happy at work, and I just rail roaded him into it anyway.

I'm having the most horrible panic attacks which I haven't had for nearly a year, and I just can't handle it.

Tomorrow we are taking him back to the pet store so that he can have the owner he deserves.

He is a precious little guy and I know none of this is his fault but I just can't cope, especially with a baby on the way.

I just got emotional and maternal and thought I could handle anything

I was wrong

Please don't flame me for getting a pet store dog in the first place, I know I should have gone to a shelter if I went anywhere, but I just couldn't resist his lonely face in the window.

I feel awful

I want to try and stick it out for his sake, but I just can't do it emotionally and mentally, I have to think of the baby and myself, and it just wouldn't be fair to the puppy.

Thanks for listening to my rant
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to you. I hope things calm down soon for you!
calming coming that way also.
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ohhh don't worry! We all make mistakes. He is a puppy and probably really cute. He'll find a good home, besides you would feel much worse if you were bringing him back to a shelter!! You have to know your limits and it sounds like you have A LOT going on. So you have to take care of yourself!!! Good luck to you, the puppy and your soon to be new member of the family!
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Honey, don't beat yourself up over this. You have your health, the health of you baby, and you husband's health to worry about. You have so much on your plate right now, it's just not a good time to add a puppy into the mix. Don't feel about about falling in love with him at a pet store. You weren't LOOKING for a puppy, you found him and gave him a good home, but there is no shame in taking him back and letting a family get him that can deal with the demands of a puppy.

It's not awful. You brought him home because you have a big heart, and now you're responsible enough to realize that it is too much for you now. A lot of people would just tie him to a tree outside and forget about him until it's time to feed him. You are sensible enough to know that, right now, he needs more attention and energy than you have to give right now.

I think you are doing the right thing, for him and for your family.
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I think we have all done something like that at one time. Don't beat yourself up over it. The good thing is that you realized it right now and not after he got older and attached to you.

I made a similar mistake a few months ago with a doxie puppy (except she wasn't from a pet store) but she ended up going to the right family so it all worked out in the end.

I hope that this little guy ends up in the right home for him too.

I DO hate it when they are sold in pet stores... but that is not your fault. Its the idiots that sell them there in the first place and the "breeders" who sell them to the store.
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i am sure he will find a good home. You need to take care of you also.
Please dont worry yourself to death over it HUG
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Thanks everyone

At the moment my DH's parents have taken him in - We've made it clear that we cannot have him back and would rather take him back to the store if they aren'y 100% about it.

His Mum is very keen, but Dad is a bit apprehensive - I don't want to force them into it.

They can give him a good home and look after him very well, but I'm still not sure if its the right decision.
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Well, I've spoken to them again and DH's Dad now seems much happier with the idea.

They have two cats and apparently all three are getting along great.

I'm so glad he will have a wonderful loving home
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More that they can keep the pup and that all are happy.
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Oooo! Good that's great to hear that the 3 are working out.

Don't beat yourself up over it. With that sort of post, we wouldn't flame you...we only flame the people that are all "Well he grew up and got ugly so I left him on the street...someone will take him in right??" Yup, those are the ones that we go after

Anyways, I can read that there's a lot going on right now and with pregnancy there's always a rush of emotions (at least from what my friends have told me).
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I'm glad that you found a home for the pup and it doesn't have to go back. I hope that it works out.
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Dont worry. I'm like that, if I see a little lonely pet I want it. He'll have a great new home soon and at least you gave him 2 days as a family pet
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