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What's Are Your Saturday Plans

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Morning All!

So what has everyone planned for this wonderful Saturday?

At least it has stopped snowing for a bit here, but we are now in a deep freeze -28C this morning.

I am heading off to work shortly. Then afterwards I am taking my aunt to a Christmas Concert at the community center. It is sort of a yearly tradition for us. It is a very nice sing along style concert featuring choirs from all the area churches, the high school and public school choirs and several local artists.
It should be fun.

Everyone have a great day
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DH is beginning a week's vacation, I"m going to be packing orders all day and hoping he'll make dinner
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I just came back from exchanging my winter boots. I bought some last week but they were getting painful to wear so I returned them. I'm glad they took them back, even though I have been wearing them for a week.
So now I got different boots... which are SO comfortable.

Now I'm gonna have lunch, listen to some language tapes and later go hang out at my favorite tea shop. The usual.

We're expecting a snow storm tomorrow, so if I want to get out of the house, I'd better go today!
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We're pretty much staying in all day. We just got hit with a big snowstorm and we're getting more than they originally predicted. We are going to take the dogs out later to play in it, but mostly we're just going to sit around and watch movies and relax!
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I have to go pick up a PACKAGE!! Other than that, I plan on cleaning, doing laundry and trying to find the rest of my Christmas decorations. My new apartment is not as effcient and I'm having trouble locating some stuff. Tonight I'll be wrapping gifts and watching movies.
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Well I'm at work for another 15 - 45 mins. Just depending on how fast I get a couple things done. Then I think I'm going to stop & rent a couple movies. Go home, clean up my messy appartment & then relax with the movies. I was going to do a little shopping, but the people I've got have not gotten back to me on what they might want. With the snow today, I'm not going to drive all over the city looking for gifts unless I have an idea what I'm buying.
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We're going to the Bruins game tonight.
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Not doing a whole lot, with this snow Just a lazy day here in Kansas...
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We spent the day doing Pet Pics with Santa (Matt was Santa ) and are now home and staying home because I am a baby when it comes to winter weather and they say we are supposed to get between 35-50cm of snow in the next 24hours
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cleaning, Christmas shopping annnnnnnnnnnnnd hockey night in canada!!!! GO LEAFS GO!
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