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when to spay

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My kittens about five months now, i'm going home in a week where she hasn't been before, so i didn't want her to have an operation then have to travel 3 or 4 hours to an unknown place. I come back after christmas but my roommate who has the only car doesn't come back till about 14th jan.

I'm looking into prices at my old vets back at home, but i do like the vets up here. Its a dilemma, but i don't want her to have time to go on heat as the neighbours are seperated by a thin wall and have already complained about the dog whining and this is the only place i know of that allows pets.

Also, totally unrelated but does anyone have any experience with the pets at home kitten food brand, as i'm planning to change her food but can't find much information on that brand.
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Is your kitten used to some traveling? She's at the right age to spay, and she may come into heat in the next month or two. If there is no danger in her getting outside and getting pregnant, you might want to schedule now and book something as soon as you can after the 14th.

If she's used to traveling and you can book her for spaying with the other vet's, then it won't be so bad taking a spayed kitten back home. Just keep her extra warm in the carrier and don't let her get chilled.

Sorry, but I never heard of that brand of food, so can't comment on it.
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