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Animal rescue name- help.

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After leaving the rescue I volunteered at for 4 long years... a few people and I have decided that we are going to open a much needed animal rescue organization in the London Ontario area.

We've already had our first meeting, but need to do a lot more before we make any final decisions.

we have one person looking for a location, and another looking to see what sort of zoning needs to be done and all that. We already have a vet that is willing to help us out. No charge for anything but meds, which is awesome. And he is willing to come to us, so we don't have to transport animals as often.

Anyhow.. I have been trying to come up with a name but am coming up blank. The only thing we have come up with was Animal Alliance of Southwestern Ontario, and I don't really like it.

We want something to do with all animals, just ot cats. Because we may be starting out with cats, but I have dreams of one day rescuing horses and goats and stuff like that as well as cats and dogs.. we we don't want to do anything breed or species related.

Any ideas?
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That is so cool... I would love to be able to do the same one day. I'm not good with names at all so I just wanted to tell you good luck.
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My DH suggested Good Samaritan Rescue or Hands of Mercy. Hope those get you started thinking. And good luck to you and your group!! I think that is something wonderful!!
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Thank you.
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What about "Paws For A Cause"
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I think Paws for a Cause is a rescue

A Stray's Hope
Last Chance Rescue Centre of London
London Rescue Alliance
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i like the animal alliance one. Cause for paws is already a hamilton based rescue! If I think of anything ill post
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I knew it was local somewhere, thanks!
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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The London Bandit Society (they'll steal your hearts)

Animal Angels

Southwest Ontario Rescue

The Helping Paw (if you do rescue horses, perhaps have a division with the Helping Hoof)

That's all I have for now.
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Second Chance Animal Association/Alliance
AniM.A.L. (ministry for animals, London)
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