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This is neat!

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John just found this online and told me to post it here. I thought it was really neat!
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Oh My Goodness, that is an amazing photograph!
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i dont get it, all i see are the black "shadows"??
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Originally Posted by blondrebel76 View Post
i dont get it, all i see are the black "shadows"??
Look at the feet of the "shadow camels". That is where the actual camels are. The photo was taken from directly above the camels.

Very cool photo!
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That is so cool!! I didn't get it at first, then I suddenly understood. Love those National Geographic photos!!
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It took me a while to see it, but that is amazing!! So, those shadows are probably 40-50 ft long, it not longer!
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Wow, that's really cool.
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Thats awesome!!!
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What a perspective!! That is a cool photo
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wow! That is a beautiful picture!
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wow what a remarkable photo, it too did take me a minute to figure it out thats just amazing!
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I love the Nat Geo photographers, they do some amazing things!! Neat pic!
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