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Counter Lounging and the New Busy Box

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Max and Ferris have become best buds and rivals both.

I bought a new Busy Box for the overgrown kitten - Max - and Ferris, remembering the one I had at the old apartment, quickly bullied his way in to take over.

This was a couple of weeks ago, when I tried one of Ginger's old collars on Max to see how he'd do with it, and he did just fine!

They had fun.

And here is the counter closest to the Kitty Corner. It is the Cat Counter, of course, and is now much less cluttered than you see in the pics. (This organizing is a slow process when you have not much time for it and no one to help. Yay for Freecycle, is all I can say. )

This is where Ginger is fed all meals; you can see her bowl to the left.

Ferris and Penny were hanging out, watching the new kid - these were taken after Max had been here for about two weeks.

Doesn't Ferris look comfy? And Penny is SO shiny.

And another rare pic of Ginger, taken before she could run from the camera. I love this shot of her and the Bengals. I love ALL my golden kitties!

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I always love seeing pictures of your kitties. They are all so gorgeous!!
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Ferris certainly looks concentrated on that box!! and you're Bengals' fur is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looks like a very happy family I'm so glad all the intros went well!
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Gorgeous pics Betsy!
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They are really into that Busy Box! You've got a beautiful pride there.
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Aww they are all so beautiful! I just love seeing pictures of them!
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All 4 of your cats are stunning as always. Kudo's to you for taking such good care of them. I see why they like counter surfing so much.........the food is there!

Smart kitties.
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sooo cuteeyy,, they are all so pretty!
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They are all so pretty!!!!! I love Ferris lounging on the counter!
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