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Is anyone going to watch the Daytona 500?

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I'm so pumped for the NASCAR season to start! I know there's a few NASCAR fans on the boards...just wondering if you're getting excited for it too? Last night I watched the Bud Shoot Out and was so happy that my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr won! YAY!
Here's cute pic of Dale Jr...isn't he a cutie?
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I could care less but Bill will watch it. He watched the Shoot-Out, last night, too. Maybe, I'll go shopping, next Sunday.
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I not,but my boss is on her way there! She goes every year,also she goes to Waltens Glen.
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Michelle!!! I am so pumped that the NASCAR season is starting up again! You're right, too, Junior is a hottie. On my satellite setup there is a search function for events coming up in the next week. I searched for NASCAR and there are 94 (!) shows on this week! If you have Speed Channel, you will not be without NASCAR all week long. LOL Oh, and don't forget the Gatoraid 125s on Thursday. They are being broadcast live in the morning, then re-broadcast later in the evening.
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Since you all rained on my Super Bowl Parade, I'll post my obligatory 'blah' to NASCAR. I have actually been, as my best friend's mother lives 20 miles from Daytona. Growing up, I had cousins who lived in Watkins Glen, as well. Since that makes up all I have to say on the subject, I'll quickly exit from this thread.

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I'm glad to see someone is as pumped as I am about the NASCAR season! It's been a VERY long 3 months of waiting for them to race again...and this week will make up for most of it! LOL! Unfortunately I don't get the Speed Channel and I have to work on Thursday morning (but my Mom's gonna tape it for me!!).

Last night I was so excited for the race...I changed into my Junior pj's and a Junior tee shirt...plus wrapped myself up in a Junior throw! Can ya tell that Little E is my fave or what??

Deb...I'm so envious of you right now! You are in Florida and are so close to Daytona...I'd kill to be there this week! I was hoping to actually go to the Daytona 500 this year, but it didn't work out with my boyfriends work schedule. But..we are planning on going to the 2 Michigan races again this year, possibly to the BrickYard 400 in Indianapolis and maybe even make it to the Homestead in Florida at the end of the year!! He's got season tickets and can pick which ever races he want to go too. I'm so ready for this to start...why can't it be next Sunday all ready???LOL!
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My brother is part owner of a race car.They are 1 step under Nascar,what ever that is! All I know is they are not quite as big but they do travel all over the US.
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You're brother is a part owner of a car in the Busch Series? WOW! That is very cool...
The Busch series races almost as much as the Winston Cup Series and mostly the same places too. My fave driver Dale Jr co-owns a car in the Busch series too...do ya think you could hook me and Heidi up with some connections? LOL! Just kidding...ya know, I've gotta dream though!
Speaking of dreams....I'm heading off to do that right now. Sweet dreams of Junior will be popping through my mind...
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Rusty Wallace did a radio interview, last week. He was talking about some new subscription service, that allows you to watch races, on your computer, from inside the car. I believe that he said 8 drivers were involved in this. It is $50, for the season. The Web address is something like www.inthecar.com. Anyway, I'm sure there is a link, on nascar.com.
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I have absolutely no interest in nascar, maybe its cos I am not american?
But hubby goes to nascar.com and plays the ultimate fantasy racing thingy with his friends. I really cannot follow the racing thingy and how people win, it is like greek to me!
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Back in the '70s, Bill drove sprint cars, for R.C. Whitwell. Therefor, he has a somewhat professional interest, in auto racing. He's not fanatic about it, though. If we have something to do, he'll turn off a race and go with me.

I've been searching the Internet, to see if there are any pix of Bill's old car. Thought it would make a nice prezzie, for him.
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