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By request, here are a few of Coco.

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So adorable!!
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Is this my good side??

no!! you can't have my food!!

How the heck do you get out of here??!!!

she's so cute!!
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Awwwwwwwww the calico sweet pea ...... look how precious!!! You got really good pics of her, Karen. Has she met her cousin yet? Or are hamsters territorial like cats?
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Coco's coat really shines and her colors are beautiful Karen.

Does she do the hamster dance?
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What a beauty she is!
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Coco is a sweetie!
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Thanks everyone. I love the captions Katie. It turns out her cousin is a boy! There will be no visits.
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Wow! She does have a great coat! So pretty! Can't say I've seen too many calico hamsters
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She was a very spur of the moment purchase. I walked into the pet store, saw a calico hamster and had to have her.
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what a doll! I have never seen a hamster with her coloring. interesting.
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awww she's soo cute!!!
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what a cutie!
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