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I want those kitties so bad!

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Every weekend, a cat and dog rescue brings some of its cats and dogs in cages and sits on the sidewalk by Hasting's. Today I went to look at the cats. There were these two that I wanted sooooooo bad. One was an orange tabby, and one was a white cat with brown splotches on her face and back. As soon as they saw me, they meowed loudly and wouldn't stop until I came to their cage and petted them. Every time I tried to leave, they would try to get out of their cages to come after me and meow loudly! They were so cute! I wanted them so bad! But Mom said, "One cat is enough!"

Note: oops, I posted this in the wrong forum by accident! Could one of the moderators move it please?
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One cat is never enough. The best thing you can do for your cat is get another to keep him/her company. Ideally, it is best to get littermates, they're already used to one another and you can avoid "kitty karate" in the getting-to-know-you period.
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No problem, I'll move it to the Lounge for you.

That is exactly why I don't ever go look at the adoption center they have in Petsmart. My lease limits me to two kitties, and I always want to take them all home.
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I on occasion go to my humane Soc. and drop off food. I ALLWAYS find a cat i want so bad. I think about him/her for a couple of weeks, and then the yearning goes away.(thank God) Or i would have 35 cats by now! Part of being a good pet owner is knowing your own limmits. There are probably a lot of us here who have to constantly dig down deep to find the will power to resist.
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