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Hi! I'll preface my question with two statements:
1. I've never had a pet that was mine.
2. I lost a kitten the day before Thanksgiving to FKS.

So...I'm very paranoid!

I was blessed with a new kitty, Joe, a few weeks ago. He's a 12 week old orange and white tabby with white paws and back legs. He's a total angel, took to the litter box like a champ, was with his mother until 9 weeks old...he's almost perfect. My concern may sound very strange, but I'll ask anyway. He's very very attached to me. When I'm sitting down, he needs to be on my chest. He sleeps cradled like a baby and just lets me do whatever I want, whether its snuggle him or kiss him or whatever. He's a limp noodle too! He sleeps alot, and plays a moderate amount, and can get in his rambunctious moods. But, the weather has been cold and he's been sleeping more and more. He get so relaxed and so comfortable with me that it makes me nervous. Is this normal? Or am I just being paranoid?

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what you have there is the perfect cat! my millie doesn't like to be alone either and likes to be cradled like a baby and sleep on my chest also, i love it love it love it.
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My female Peek-A-Boo is the same way with my husband. When she's not being harassed by my male Carmel she is laying in his lap purring incessantly. She even sleeps curled up to him in bed. If his lap isn't available then she's following him around or standing in the same room as him meowinf incessantly. She is so loving. Cats are purrfect when they act like that.
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Aww, you're his mommy now. He'll grow out of some of that as he gets older and become more independent. Whether he still stays reasonably clingy will depend on his personality and you.
I have one that's 15 months now, he still has to sleep snuggled up to me at night or in my lap during the day, follows me around, gets upset that he's not allowed in the bathroom with me, etc. I adore my snuggly Tomas, and I hope your boy stays sweet snuggly and trusting too.
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I have a very dependent cat too, very loving, sweet, and loves to be the center of attention. Congrats on your new kitty
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That's sweet! Please don't break his little loving spirit, please give him as much cuddle time as possible.
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I was just asking the same question of a friend the other day. I have two cats--males, 3 yrs old, litter mates--and they are as different as night and day. In color, too. One is almost pure white and the other is almost pure grey. The white one is totally independent and pretty much stays to himself. He cuddles my neck and purrs in the mornings when he wants me to get up. The grey one is very clingy. Whenever I sit down, he's in my lap. When I'm at the computer, he's in my lap. Follows me around all day and sleeps curled up next to my stomach at night. His favorite thing is to sit on my chest with his two paws around my neck. I love him doing it; however, there are times when I need to get something done--reading my mail, working at computer, etc.--when I would prefer that he lay somewhere else. I had no idea cats were so possessive. But with the two of them, I guess I have a nice balance.
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OH MY GOSH! He sounds like Stuart!!!!!!!!! Dun Dun DUN! Stuart is so so so clingy to my SO. He just won't leave him alone (and he's not even the one who saved him)! He will meow if he's not getting attention from him, happy paw his chest, and lay on his chest with his face nudged up against my SO's face. It's so cute, but it makes me sick because I've never seen a cat love someone so much!!!!!

As for why they do it, I couldn't tell you. My only guess is that Stuart was barley 2 months old when I brought him home and he clung to Blake for safety.

Was your kitten very young when you got him?
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Luckily he's staying sweet and still likes to sleep in my arms, but this week, he's found his mojo and is rip roarin ready to go! And we got him when he was 9 weeks, but he was the runt and was little, so yes, he clung to me alot. Thanks so much for all the support!

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My Clinton is VERY clingy, he loves me to other cat, a tortie is a "I'm fine by myself cat" but Clint is always right next to me, he is wonderful my sweet boy.

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