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I didn't get my fries

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Doesn't it just irk you when a fast food place forgets to give you something. I went to BK tonight and there was only like four cars ahead of me. It took about 15 minutes to get my food which didn't really bother me. When the girl handed me the bag she repeated what I ordered so I didn't check. I should have cause I got home and low and behold no fries.
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It has happened so much to me that I've started to check before we even pull out of the parking lot. But last night John brought Wendy's home and forgot to check... so I got a double cheeseburger with no cheese.
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High schoolers and high-school dropouts... I guess they are the kind of folks who are most likely to make mistakes anyhow. I just go back and tell them the problem, and they fix it. But I've gotten into the habit of checking, too.
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Highschool drop out and not stupid.

I hate it when that happens. I am afraid to complain too much when stuff like that happens though.... I don't want my food spit on.
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When I ate fast food, yep, I hated that...usually though I checked before leaving the parking lot.

The worse was when I'd get my change and then drive off...completely forgetting the food.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
The worse was when I'd get my change and then drive off...completely forgetting the food.
I've never done that. YET!!!
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I can't stand it! I've been tempted to work at a fast food place to figure out just how hard it is to get an order right! They have a computer! It can't be that hard!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Kaylacat View Post
Highschool drop out and not stupid.

I hate it when that happens. I am afraid to complain too much when stuff like that happens though.... I don't want my food spit on.
I am always afraid of that myself having worked in a lot of fast food places. And btw i HATE burgerking
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I used to work at BK for two years as my first job. Four cars isn't a lot unless the inside is full as well. I don't think I ever forgotten something in someone's order and if I did, I probably chased after them to correct the error. I guess I was one of the oddballs who actually care about their customers.
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Our Burger King here is horrible for screwing up orders. I usually get a king supreme sandwich and poutine with the gravy on the side. I usually end up with whatever the king deal is and poutine with the gravy on it and an extra one on the side. One day we ended up with extra fries and a piece of pie that we didn't order.
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yes, I hate it too! And it never fails it's the one time you didn't check it for some reason that it's all screwed up, right?!
It's not fast food, but we go get our favorite mexican food as take out alot and soooo many times we get fajitas with no wraps in wraps....????? So now I try to check it all the time in the car...what a pain!
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Yup, thats very frustrating!! I have learned to check before pulling away though.....DH, however, has not
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That happens so often, Always check your order before leaving whether its a drive thru or inside.
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lol i stopped once, They gave me all the wrong stuff.
wrong type of burger, wrong drink.
Told her it was the wrong order.
the women said, I dont have time, just take the food and go.
asked for the manager.
the women said F** u j..
last i saw of her she was wearing the strawberry milkshake,
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I hope people don't think that everyone who works at a fast-food restaurant is braindead. I'm a college senior trying to earn enough money to pay her bills. Anyway, that stinks that they messed up your order. EnzoLeya, we do have computers but orders can still get messed up, especially during a rush. Forgetting to include an item in someone's order rarely happens, at least where I work. Our job is certainly not hard but we're not always perfect. Like everyone else, we make mistakes too. I'm not excusing the fact that they forgot your fries, I'm just saying that nobody is perfect. If I do forget to include something in an order than I will do everything I can to fix the problem. Like Stacy, I'm one of those people who cares about customers. Theimp98, I would've done the same thing.
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O my, I feel your pain

Last time I went to Burger King I bough dinner for my mom and dad as well as me, they read the order back to me and every thing as they were getting the food so I for once didnt think to check my food, I was going to and then my mom was like well I think they got it right she read it back to us and everything! So we go all the way home and.... my food wasnt there...theres nothing like spending $20 on dinner for every one and ur food not be there! So my mom called them up we had to go back up there and everything to get my food and they didnt even say sorry or nothing ! My mom wanted to talk to a manager there wasnt any was just a bunch of high school kids that were to worried about talking to each other to take their time to look at the orders that they were doing!

I havent been back to that BK since Im stubborn wat can i say
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