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A rare Ginger sighting!

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Isn't her full winter coat just LOVELY?

Caught by papparazzi while in the midst of licking her chops after dinner:

And watching the boys from just inside the kitchen door - Ms. Queen Bosscat sometimes feels that she is just too good to associate with the peasants.

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She is absolutely gorgeous!!
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Ginger's multi colored coat in full winter bloom is gorgeous.
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I absolutely love that peppering on the nose torties get! It looks so gorgeous
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She's all fur and attitude.

I love Ginger so very much. She's my most special babykitty, and I tell her so ... when we are alone.

She's not a cuddly cat and keeps very much to herself. She rarely likes to be touched, and her skin ripples if she's touched wrong, and she hates that.

But she loves to have me gently stroke her face and cheeks, and she lets me kiss her all over her face, and she gives me morning kisses nearly every day, and sleeps on my bed nearly every night.

We have a really strong and unique bond - she speaks to me and I understand what she's saying. Most of the time.

And I must laugh, for when she is naughty - and she can be quite, I catch myself starting to call her by my skin daughter's name.
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ah, she is lovely got to keep the adoring fans on the edge of their seats for her pics though!
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What a lovely girl ... would never guess she is the boss,lmao
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
What a lovely girl ... would never guess she is the boss,lmao
I was concerned that the Bengals might attempt to stage a complete takeover, but only Max is duking it out for 2nd position with Ferris. It may be a draw in the end, because neither of them is willing to be lower than the other in the hierarchy. Penny has accepted her position as last one on the rung, but it's ok, because she still gets special treatment from the humans.

Ferris is a pretty stubborn boy, but Ginger's tortitude FAR outweighs any of the others' efforts to show dominance. She may be just fur and bones, but she weilds an iron paw that can strike like a jackhammer (whapwhapwhapwhapwhapwhap WHAP!) and screams like a banshee to get her way.

Gosh I just love that girl!
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Aww she looks so soft and cuddly! I love it when they get their winter coats!
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Aw she looks gorgeous!! It's a shame she's not cuddly, you could use her as a pillow! (I do not advise that anyone attempts this with a tortie! )
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I absolutely LOVE that expression in the second photo! She is so obviously FULL of character - what a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a doll she is!!
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She's gorgeous and just exuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes tortitude! Love it!
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What a pretty girl. She's obviously disgusted with the 4 legged interlopers that have come to your home recently.
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Aw what a pretty girl!!!!!
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she is beautiful!!!
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