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changing litter brands?

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I'm currently using Everclean litter and am considering changing b/c of the huge cloud of dust it makes when moved around. I'd like to switch to PaPurr. Two questions: 1) Does anyone who uses Everclean find the same problem? 2) How should I go about switching brands of litter? (i.e. a little at a time or just empty the old kind and start with the new). Thanks!
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I havn't ever used the everclean. I know there's several on the market that cause enough dust to kill ya. If you are switching to a litter that is similar in texture and smell, you can usually just change the litter box and use the new litter. If you are going with something completely different, it's a good idea to use the same litter, and add the new stuff a little at a time.
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I am hearing good things about Swheatscoop Litter (made from wheat products) I heard it has low dust and a nice smell. But Sandie is indeed correct, whatever you do decide to use, switch over gradually instead of all at once.
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I used Swheatscoop for awhile. It does smell nice. It clumps well but the clumps stick to the liner. It can be flushed. I switched to World's Best Cat Litter, which can also be flushed, but doesn't stick to the liner. Becky
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Papurr is my 2nd favorite litter ever, and I've used about 20 different brands on many cats. I'm about to switch back to it when the local K-mart fully closes down.

Papurr is very low on dust, I really don't notice it. It has a nice smell. Doesn't stick to the side/bottom of the pan. Last longer then clay litters. It's fully biodegradable, and made from 100% recyled paper. It comes in clumping and a none clumping form. Works 2nd best for orders in my cat/ferret boxes.

About the sweet scoop. With the cats I've tried it on (along with litter pearls, and feline pine) it doesn't hold in the poo smells very well at all! Papurr did a much better job.

I also agree, if your worried about switching do it gradually. Hope you find one that works out!
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Originally posted by zanniesmom
I used Swheatscoop for awhile. It does smell nice. It clumps well but the clumps stick to the liner.
Liner!! HA thats funny!!!!

Cooper digs thru liners like I dig thru Frosted Flakes looking for the prize!!!

Good analogy eh!!
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Sally used to tear the liners, too, until I started clipping her claws. She still tries, especially when the litter gets low, but she doesn't succeed anymore. Becky
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Hi! I've found a new litter (at least it's new here) that doesn't produce a huge cloud of dust. It's called "Cat & Clean", and I believe it's from the U.S. or Canada. It's as fine as "Extreme Classic" (but much cheaper), produces little clumps, and smells faintly like vanilla.
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i did one day of research on cats' litter.

i wanted to make sure that i am doing the right thing in the long run, so i invested some time into it.

i found out that some litter can be really toxic. Can you imagine cats licking on the toxic stuff?

After finding some gruesome facts, i immediately stopped using the litter that i bought from Costco. In fact, i have another tub in the storage room. Yes, i should throw it out.

i bought theworldbestcat'slitter, and it is really great! It is biodegradable, flushable and is really even pleasant to scoop (smooth texture.) My kitties' paws remain clean and smooth, and i feel safe and assured when they lick on their paws, as the litter is made of whole kernel corn.

i called about 15 places in San Francisco area for the prices (i always compare prices before i buy stuff.. hehe!) and a big bag of 34 pounds costs me about $32.00 (including sales tax of 8-1/2%.) Also, a metallic scoop is given free if you buy the 34-lb bag (biggest size.) That is the lowest price. The highest quote was about $44.99 without tax.

Try it -- you'll know what i mean!

By the way, i feel metallic scoops are better, as they will not absorb odor and such.

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I guess I shouldn't feel too badly about paying$29.95 for the 34 lb. bag, then. I love World's Best Cat Litter. It is the best I have used. Right now I am trying a clumping litter for an opinion survey and I hate the smell it has. I will be glad to go back to my dust free, flushable, good smelling litter. Becky
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