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Am I the only one? (Christmas Shopping)

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Am I the only one that goes Christmas shopping and also buys things for myself? I also bought myself some of the same things I bought for me SS. So far I have bought myself candles, a candle holder, 4 pairs of fuzzy socks, sleep socks, a bathrobe, some lotion, bath salts, chocolate .....
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No your not alone. I can't go shopping for someone and miss myself out I'm off to buy a new bathrobe for christmas eve tomorrow

I want some shoes as well. I don't need them but the sales are on still
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Nope you aren't alone. Tuesday we went shopping for his mother and step-mom. I can home with a lovely sweater. Not to mention all the yankee candles I keep buying.
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Nope, not at all...usually I find more stuff for myself then the people on my list

In reality buying presents for others will cost me $300-400 dollars, BUT I spend another $200-400 for myself.

...and I wonder why I have money issues
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I couldn't name off all the things I've bought. I try to be good, but it just doesn't work I say, "hey this is pretty cool, I could use it too!" Sometimes I buy gifts for my SO that I could use too
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
chocolate .....
your concious is betrayal to you my friend!.......Is telling you,..."Don´t be selfish!.......

Oh my!!!!...So sorry Karen, I couldn´t resist the joke!.....
Forgive me my friend!.......
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Sometimes, but not usually. Now if my purse strings were a bit looser that might be the case! One of my best friends usally buys 2 of everything when she's present shopping. One for her an one for whoever!
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I bought myself a candle yesterday because I got 3 for my aunt for Christmas and they smelled soooo good (I think they were hazelnut cream) that I had to buy one for myself. I also bought chocolates for myself yesterday because I saw pot of gold all nuts and they sounded really good.
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I'm guilty as well
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I have been known to get myself something too...and sometimes I am guilty of deciding to keep something I got for someone for myself and find something else for them!
Should I add ..... dang, that must be why I'm feeling so broke! LOL
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We got my Clinton a Santa hat & some toys with bells
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Depends where I'm shopping at. If at kmart... I don't count dish soap and laundry detergent as something for myself.

I did get myself something when DH and I were Christmas shopping last week, I found a used Dissection cd -something that isn't a common find around here.
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I've done that in the past, although this year I seem to be behaving myself!
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I finally made it into a store yesterday to do some shopping. A wonderful local shop where everything is of natural materials and made by local craft people (pottery, baskets, toys, etc). I didn't buy a thing, but picked out my bathroom sink.

I look at it this way. If you buy it yourself, you get exactly what you want!
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No, you're not alone The problem is I'm the only one I know what to get for . I go shopping with my mom and we always come out with more stuff for ourselves
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