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What's for dinner?

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Well i thought i'd start (it's only 9:30am here lol) but i've been waiting days for this! garlic bread with a roast chicken breast roll stuffed with herbs!

Argh but i have to wait another 10 hours! *collapses*
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I think we might order pizza, I don't feel like cooking
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Chicken stirfry.
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Leftover meatloaf yum!
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We are ordering Hell Pizza!
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If I can find some nice sole fillets and a Meyer Lemon or two, I will panfry the fish and serve it with Jasmine Rice and whatever veg looks nice. No sole? I'll probably take a pork tenderloin out of the freezer and do medallions with curry and mango. Same accompaniments. Dessert is a mystery. It will have to be simple. Last night was a late night, and I'm bushed, so while I do want to cook, I don't want it to be a big production.
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I fixed a shrimp salad, some Tempura Shrimp with dipping sauce, and some cornbread. YUM!
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I doubt I'll eat anything. We had hamburgers for three days in a row and that's what everyone else had. I didn't feel like having hamburger again!
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I had salmon, baked with lemon pepper, seasoned potato's, and a green salad. For dessert canned peaches with a couple of spoons of vanilla yogurt.

It was all very yummy
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post

Mmm Subway sounds good. Maybe that's what we'll do tomorrow.

Tonight, we had blueberry pancakes and light maple sausage.
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I had a whopper jr. from BK. Minus the fries I ordered but didn't get.
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I made orange chicken with a side of brown rice. Took me about an hour (as I homemake the sauces, marinade and food prep time take some time too). It turned out really good.
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I was working, and we ordered Thai. I usually don't order out, but I was working my butt off, and wanted a treat. I can't remember the name of it, but it was ground chicken w/onions pepper over rice with hot chili sauce. It was delicious! A girl I was working with got her dinner stolen, so I gave her half.
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I had a 4oz chicken breast a fresh green salad with balsalmic(sp) vinagrette dressing for desert strawberry/peach yogurt
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