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Jealous cat!!!

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I think one of my cats is dealing with jealousy issues! I have three cats in my house. One that stays indoors (Mickey), one that goes in and out (Cali), and one that only goes outside with supervised visits (Meowy). Recently we received a new little arrival (Tabs) who was very timid at first (since she was sick and has a collapsed lung) but is now becoming more active.

Now that Tabs is feeling better she wants to play with the other cats. Mickey and Cali are fine, but Meowy is having a fit! She was the baby before and isnt anymore. We are trying to pay more attention to her than Tabs, but its still not working. She has become very aggressive at times, hissing, growling, scrathing and biting. She gets so angry when we try to pick her up.

We are paying so much attention to her, but for some reason its just not enough. I know Meowy and Tabs will get used to each other with time, but what about the agression? Will this go away? Does anyone have any advice?
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Does Meowy have a troubled past? Such cats are far less nimble about change than cats who had a smoother path.

Does she prefer doing her own thing and keeps to herself? If so, being asked to play can make her regard the kitten's overtures as harassment.

Does she like smooth routines which the kitten is now messing up? That can lead to resentment.

She is trying to tell you something, besides just "get rid of that kitten."
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Meowy came to us as a stray. My (please excuse my word choice) stupid neighbor found her and though it would be funny to place her in the back of my brothers black truck during the middle of an August day in Miami!!! Smart huh! She had an abscess on her butt which needed immediate attention!!! The poor cat was in the hot sun for who knows how long before we found her. She was as hot as ever and panting from the heat!!!

We brought her into our home; took her to the vet; hugged her and loved her and she grew into a beautiful cat.

Since we have had so many cats gone missing ( we think as a result of neighbors!) my brother wanted to keep her in the house. This worked for a while until she started crying one day to go out. My mom felt bad and took her for a walk. She started going for supervised walks but became very upset and agressive when it was time to come inside! She would eventually get over it and be normal again after a few minutes.

Since the kitten came, she has not asked to go outside anymore. She doesnt really have a routine besides waking up in the morning, knocking (which she taught herself to do) on my moms door to wake her up, and then having breakfast. Other than that she does different things everday.

She loves my brother! Who was the one that her and took care of her. She very rarely gets upset with him, but has bitten him a few times since the new kitten.

I am guessing I will just have to give her time to get over the situation, but it just upsets me that she is so jealous. We have introduced new cats into the house before with other cats and none of them have reacted like her!
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