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Nelson & Zoe

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Morning all

I posted a question in the behaviour forum (about Zoe hissing at Nelson) and got many useful and helpful responses. My kitty's problems have resolved themselves now and so I thought I would share some pics with you all.

Zoe is the little brown cat and Nelson is the big blue boy...
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I can't work out how to post more than one pic at a time so here is one of Nelson on his own.
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Very pretty!!!! I love pictures
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Welcome to the site Moo! You have two very pretty cats. Don't see that shade of brown fur very often. I'm glad to hear you were able to get help for the behavioural issues they were having, and hope that you stick around for a while. Jump into any of the casual conversations in the Cat Lounge, or ask any other questions you have in any of the other forums.
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I am a little bit bored at work today and thought I would post another pic - this time of Zoe.

FYI - Nelson and Zoe are both pure bred burmese cats, Nelson has just turned 5 and Zoe 3, they are indoor only cats. I also have a moggy (Katy) who is 15 and lives outside - she never leaves our backyard as she is quite timid (we inherited her from my hubby's parents as we live in their house). We also have a 15 year old temterfield terrior (looks a bit like a fox terrior, again inherited from hubby's parents)and a 1 year old puppy called Oska who is a bull mastiff cross and already weighs about 36 kgs!!

So yes, it can be a bit of a zoo at our place but that is how we like it!!
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Thanks for sharing the pictures of Nelson and Zoe. They are beautiful!

Welcome to the site!

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Welcome.... so glad you've found us!
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I love sable burmese! One is definitely on my short list of cats to someday have.
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Moo! Zoe and Nelson are so pretty. That Nelson is definitely a big blue boy...looks like Zoe's protector.

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Thank you all for your warm welcomes!!! It is nice to have so many friendly people responding.

For your information, we live in Australia and I am married. I study part time and work full time.

Not only do we have Zoe and Nelson, we also have an old (15 years old) outdoor cat Katy – a tabby who is we inherited from my hubby’s parents with the house (we rent their house). I would post a piccy of her but she is very camera shy… kimward42 – Nelson is certainly Zoe’s protector – most of the time she much prefers his company to anyone elses. They are so super-cute and loving. We will definitely be expanding our feline family in the not too distant future – more Burmese probably as they have such a lovely temperament.

We also have two dogs, a very old (again inherited) fox terrier Bazil and a bull mastiff cross puppy Oska (I use the word puppy loosely as he weighs about 36kgs) who is just over a year old.

I will take some more pics of all the animals over the upcoming weekend to share with you all.

BTW I have read a lot of this site now and it is chock a block full of excellent advice and all the regulars are sooo very friendly.

Thanks again for all the friendly welcomes!!
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awwww i love your kitties!


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here are some more pictures of Nelson and Zoe:

This is them cleaning each other on our couch
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and Zoe being cute...
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and Nelson helping me read the newspaper
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and the two of them again
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Awww! What sweet putty-tats!
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Very nice pics. I never thought I would be a cat person until we got our little guy. I'm new here too. See you around,
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Sounds like you have an exciting household. How well do the cats deal with the dogs?

Hope you post often and tell us some stories of your fur family!
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Hi adymarie

Yes our lives are always full of love and excitement thanks to our 5 pets. How do the cats and dogs get on? - well let me tell you.

Keep in mind that the cats are indoor cats and the dogs are outdoor dogs. When we bought Nelson we also got a puppy at the same time (sadly we had to put this dog down just after he turned three as he had a heart murmur and one day his heart burst – very sad and Happy was just the loveliest dog – at least he had three good years) so Nelson is fine with the dogs. When we used to let Happy inside, Nelson would play with him and they got on very well. Nelson doesn’t mind either of our current dogs.

Zoe on the other hand was born into a household with 7 children and 3 dogs not to mention the numerous breeding cats and their kittens. She doesn’t mind Bazil as he is a little dog (like the ones at the house where she was born) but she HATES Oska. If he comes near our back screen door and she is nearby she will hiss and spit and growl and heaven forbid that we should let him inside.

Most of the time all is peaceful as the cats and dogs are separated. It can be a challenge sometimes though!
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Hey!! I just recently joined myself and the site is awesome. Your cats are so adorable!!
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What beautiful kitties! I love Burmese, they are so sweet and have such an innocent look to them (yeah, right!)
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awwwww what pretty kitties!!!
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