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a cat joke

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Kerry the tomcat was scampering all over the neighborhood – down alleys, up fire escapes, into cellars. A disturbed neighbor knocked on the owner’s door and said,
“Your cat is rushing about like mad.†“I know,†the man conceded. “Kerry’s just been neutered, and he’s running around canceling engagements.â€
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A little old lady is cleaning out her closet and comes upon a genie lamp. She rubs it and the genie appears to grant her 3 wishes.

"I wish I was 25 yrs old again and know everything I know now." Poof, she is 25 yrs old and gorgeous.

"I wish my old rocking chair downstairs was made of solid gold" Poof, she was rich!

"I want to reward my old cat, Friskie for his loyalty, so make him a handsome young man to share my life." Poof, Friskie was now Tall Dark and Handsome.

Friskie comes over, kisses her on the cheek, looks deep in her eyes and says...

"Now don't you wish you hadn't neutered me?"
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