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I think it's time for a HAPPY story

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A woman adopted a little manx kitten from a co-worker.
Well, the kitten was very consitpated, his butt became raw and he cried a lot. She took Leo to the vet, who said the kitten had megacolon and should be euthanized.

The woman said 'no.'

She called around and found me. I've dealt with megacolon before and said I'd be happy to work with the little guy. Tunrs out that vet didn't do any diagnostics to see what was going on with the kitten. I talked with some people who know manxes well and they sall said that hind end problems were fairly common in young kittens, he needed time.

So, I gave him a stool softenor, put anusol on his poor raw butt, and gave him high fiber food.
A week later he was a little poop machine.
He seemed to be incontinent at first, but gained more and more control until finally he was a normal cat.

He just went home today with his orginal mom. I had arranged to get him neutered, FeLeuk tested & his Rabies vaccine through the shelter to save a little $.

I'm so glad she gave him a chance! She is definilty switching vets. She said she might take Leo back just to show that first vet that he was fine.

I"ll miss the little guy, but it's so nice to see a happy ending!

Bendy's mom
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That's good news, but please ask his owner to watch the litter box carefully. A cat I loved dearly had to have his tail amputated. That surgery affected his digestive system. It could have affected his walk, the vet told us, but we were lucky. Unfortunately, he lived only one year. During that year we took him to the vet repeatedly because he kept getting constipated. He was one of my very special cats, and it broke my heart.
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manx's are sadly notorious to having rear end problems, especially as they grow older. I am glad this little one's problem was easily solved.
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Sorry to hear about your kitty, Jeannie.
If the tail is amputated too high, some of the nerves can be damaged that control bowel/bladder function. SugarSnap was born without a tail, no surgery at all involved. It took time for him to develop the nerves that control bowel/bladder function. After talking with manx breeders and owners I discovered this was not uncommon. The kitten just needed time.

I've had two cats w/amputated tails who were left with enough of a nub that they are free from any hind end problems.

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I am so glad for the cat and bless that woman for not giving up on him!
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Bendy, That makes the story that much happier! I was on vacation with the children when Blacky's tail was injured. When I came home the tail was dead, and required amputation. The vet suspected that it got caught in a door or ?? and he had pulled and pulled to get loose. My husband was at work, so it was a mystery.
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