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Is she pregnant?

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I think my cat Blossom might be pregnant, but am not sure. She has gained weight (especially round the middle) and is wanting more food, but I cant even see her nipples, and her personality hasnt changed, she is no more loving or sleepy than normal, still very independant. She is booked in to be speutered along with her brother on Tues, hopefully they can tell me then, but I would like to know now! Because dont want her done if she is pregnant. I know I would be able to find loving homes for the kittens, and I would look after them well, keep them with us for at least 14 weeks. But I do need to start saving for all the extra food and vets bills!

And if she is, it would have to be Rufus, is it normal for a brother/sister mating?

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How old is she? If she is at least 4 months old, and has been around an intact male, it's very possible she is pregnant. And yes, brother and sister will mate.

However, they don't usually start showing for awhile, the enlarged nipples are usually one of the first signs. I'd recommend having the vet take a look and see if he/she thinks that your kitty is pregnant.
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Oooh thanks for the reply.

She is actually 9 months old now, they were due to be done in Sept but due to unforseen stuff it's only now I can actually get them done. So I have been expecting it really. I have kept them in since Sept, especially cos I didnt want rufus getting to other females, you dont know who they belong to, I cant wait to give them their freedom back though, they have been fine but it does bother me.

I was worried that she is too young for kittens, she is only little herself compared to her brother, but they are both very healthy happy cats, do you think she will be ok? I could never forgive myself if anything happened.
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9 months is really young to have a litter. I have heard of many females that age and even younger doing just fine but it really is very risky. Your vet can still spay her even if she is pregnant, but I understand that many people don't agree with that. If she is pregnant, and you absolutely do not want to spay her, be sure to have your vet's number on hand as well as knowing where the nearest emergency vet is, in case something goes wrong during the birth.

I myself foster abandoned pregnant kitties, it is very rewarding but is also very expensive and often very heartbreaking. Good luck and please keep us updated!
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Well, she is too young to be a mother but she CAN still get pregnant. Think of it like a 12 year old child getting pregnant. It CAN happen, doesn't mean that the girl is ready for it emotionally or physically or mentally or anything.

Anyways, a brother/sister mating is always a risk too. They are really close to be reproducing and it could lead to health and development problems at birth or later in life. I would personally have her spayed regardless. But that is your choice.

Please keep them completely seperated from each other starting immediately and don't let them near each other until she is spayed. He can still get females pregnant for a month after being neutered.
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Okay I am scared now. Seeing vet on Tues so fingers crossed it would be best if she weren't pregnant and she can be done then, if she is pregnant, well I will have a chat with my vet and take it from there.
Thanks for all the advice
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Good luck with your vet appointments.
My brother in law and his wife have pugs (dogs). They had a brother and sister, they were planning on getting the female spayed and were not planning on nuetering the male, well, accidents happen and the two mated. They had a litter of four puppies but one (the runt) did not make it. The other 3, well they kept 1, gave one to family, and found another good home for the other. The one they kept has allergies (which is a pug thing anyway) but other than that they have been okay.
The thing about inbreeding is that if there are health problems they are more likely to come out in the closely bred animals, but they could be fine as well. I would recomend seeing what your vet thinks. I don't know that I could spay/abort either.
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