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Nemo's sneezing

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Nemo has been sneezing quite a bit the last few days. I set up an appointment at the vet for him but I couldn't get in until Monday after work. He has not been outside and none of the other cats are showing any signs of anything so I am really confused about what brought this on. What can I do for him in the meantime to make him feel a little better? He isn't having any trouble breathing or anything, I can just tell he is a little under the weather. Can sneezing be a sign of something more serious other then URI's?
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While there are other things that can cause sneezing, URIs are the most likely. You can try giving him L-Lysine--if the URI is caused by feline herpes, that can help slow viral replication and the symptoms will decline. If he's really stuffed up, you can used a humidifier or put him in a steamy bathroom to help break up the congestion. Regardless, make sure he continues to eat and drink normally--stuffed up cats will often eat less since they can't smell the food (plus it's hard to eat and breathe at the same time). Heating the food can help by enhancing the aroma. If he isn't eating, or isn't eating much, call your vet right away for more advice on getting food into him.
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He is eating ok and everything. I completely forgot about the l-Lysine! I already have some of that from when I first got Trinity. She had a really bad URI and my vet suggested I try the lysine with her. I will start giving that to him this weekend to see if it helps at all.
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I just remembered another thing you can try to help ease his discomfort--saline nose drops. While getting them in a squirmy kitty can be a challenge, they can help break up the congestion.
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Aww, so sorry to hear about the sneezes. Besides the lysine, you might want to try Transfer Factor for Felines by 4life. It helps to boost the immune system with colostrum Good luck!
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