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My kitty calls

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In the week since I brought home my new furballs, I've learned a few things about them.

1. Lorelei has the perfect name after all - because whenever she wants to see me but doesn't want to actually come to me, she starts yowling until I go and see her. Hence her name perfectly fits the siren she was named for. I never thought it would be so...perfect.
2. Little Carter thinks he's a bird! I've heard him mew a few times, but most of the time, I know he's around because I hear this low chirping noise. It's absolutely adorable, because even if he's trying to hide under a bed or something, I'll still hear the little chirps and know he's around.

So, in conclusion...my kitties make funny noises.
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My kitties have been exchanging voices!

When I first got Baby and Tiny, Baby was vocal--almost desperately so. Constantly mewing, crying, as though she needed to make herself known or I'd forget about her and never feed her. Tiny, on the other hand, was completely silent.

But gradually, Baby calmed down and quieted down. She knows I can read her body language so she doesn't have to yell at me, and now I hear occasional "hello" or "what are you doing" meows--the "feed me" meows only apear around dinnertime! And Tiny, who I thought couldn't make a sound, has started to mew "hello" to me! On top of that, Tiny, who was never a lap cat, deigned to sit on mine for a few minutes today--usually it's Baby who claims my lap as soon as I sit down!

I suppose they're learning from each other!
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My babies all make strange sounds too.
Annabelle SCREAMS...must be the Tortie coming out in her

Elliott makes a kind of barking noise...the first time I heard it I thought there was a dog outside but I discovered that Elliott thinks he's a dog!

Gracie chirps like a baby bird and purrs all the time our Vet calls her "Gracie the Purr Monster" he always has a hard time hearing her heart and lungs when we take her in for a check-up, all he can hear is her purr.
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Sophie is pretty quiet. Mollie is too, but even though she is a total "in your face" lap cat, she doesn't like to be picked up. And when I do, she utters this sad little cry. Big "Mo" however, has a voice like a bull moose. Although he isn't a lap kitten at this point, he does not like to be alone. When he discovers thathe has no one around him - either the girls or me, he just bellows until I go to find him or call to him. Then he comes running out. I always feel that he is the little brother that the big kids ditch because they don't want him hanging around. In this instance, it is more like, "we don't want you attacking us, we want to sleep!"
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