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How much food?

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All right, things have been going well with Carter and Lorelei. The only question I still have is that I'm not sure whether I'm feeding them enough or too much.

Right now, I've got two bowls of food out all day. I usually dump out the old food and replace it with new food in the morning and right before bed. Each bowl is currently getting 1/4 cup of dry kitten food and a 1/4 of a cup of dry adult food, per the shelter's instructions, with the intention of switching to only adult food when the two bags run out.

This morning, I saw at least half the food was still in both bowls, so I didn't change it out. But now I'm getting concerned that I might be overfeeding them. They both got their vet checkups - Lorelei is a little overweight and Carter is fine. I know some of this is from the kitten food in the mix, but I'm trying to make sure this isn't a sign of them being overfed. At the same time, I feel bad only feeding them once in a day.
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How old are they? If they are under 9 months to a year I would continue with kitten food. Dry food is packed with needless calories. A wet diet is much healthier. Since I've switched Bijou over to mainly a wet diet with some dry for noshing on during the day, he has gone from 18.5 lbs to 17.2 (that was last weighing-in about a month ago so he may be down a bit more now).

1/2 cup of food a day for two cats certainly doesn't seem like a lot. Maybe they don't like the food. What type are you feeding?
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ages and what are they eating
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Lorelei is over a year, and Carter is at about 4 months. They're both eating Science Diet. It's the same food they always eat at the shelter, so I did know they already liked it. I leave both bowls of food out all day, so there's technically a full cup of food in each one, though it's hard to keep track of who's eating how much.

I was looking to at least switching the evening meal from dry to wet, since I'd have time to make sure they ate right in the evenings. The only reason I was planning on switching to adult food pretty soon is the kitten is getting pretty big and since they're getting a mix right now, I wanted to keep Lorelei from putting on any more weight - she's a little heavy right now.
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can you feed them at seprate times or seprate rooms....

FYI most on here do not think SD is a qualtiy food just a high $$grocery
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hi im a new owner of 3 adopted cats all under 1 year old

i feed them 1 tin of friskies and break it down into 3 meal times a day as they demand it

they also have abig bowl of dry food which is top up every other day or so

my kitties only eat as much as necessary

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