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Missy and the litterbox

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Let me start off by saying that Junior has never been very good at covering his stool. He'll spend 5 minutes rubbing his paws on the sides of the litterbox but only about half of the time will he actually manage to bury his left overs.

Twice now I've seen Missy enter the litterbox and bury Junior's donation. The first time she did it before using the box herself. The second time though she buried his stuff, dug around a bit, then jumped back out without actually using the facilities. I've caught her playing in the litterbox several times before so I think this was just one of those times.

I'm sure this is normal behavior but I think it's funny that she has to go in and finish the job for him.

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My RB cat Petunia would go in and straighten up after Much used the box. It was always neat and tidy with her.
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Out of three cats, one of mine always keeps the litter tray tidy, anybody leaves anything and its not covered properly, she will finish to job properly.
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Abby never covers her business. Sometimes Chynna will go in and cover it and then leave.
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Wesley does not cover up anything. Sox usually will do it for him. She always covers up her own stuff. And I am not sure who but one of them is very messy lately. When I go in the bathroom there's always litter all over the place! I'll sweep it up and it will be a mess again when I go back there! I am not sure what they are doing in there to make such a mess!
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