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My Girl is 8 Months Old !!

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She's growing too fast and today is 8 months old!!

Where does the time go??

(sorry, images removed!)
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Wow! She is even more beautiful than ever!!! I LOVE those pictures!!! Especially the first one!!!!!
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Wow, she is simply gorgeous, Kass

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Kass, Nakita's still one of the prettiest kitties I've ever seen.

Happy Birthday Nakita!!
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Those eyes are simply captivating! Can I be her slave too?
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Kass...Nakita is simply breathtaking!
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You know I think she's absolutely gorgeous. The sad thing about kitties is how fast they become cats.

Happy Birthday Nakita!!!!!!

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Hai Kass, Congratulations with Nakita!
She is adorable!!
I love here colour. Is that blue Kass? it is so beautfifull and special!!
Give her a big hug from me.
What a shame you live so far away otherwise Poeshkin and me came to kiss her ourselves.
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she is so beautiful and elegant.

Very nice pictures.
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What a beautiful kitty girl you have! Head bumps to her from my crew for her special day!
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What a beauty! I love her eyes!

Happy birthday Nakita!!!!
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Kass, Nakita is one of my favorite kitties on this site!!!

I her adorable face!!

Happy Birthay Nakita!!
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Thanks everyone for celebrating with me!

Nakita also says thank you! Ok, maybe not in those exact words, but you get my drift!

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I can't believe she is almost 1 year old! I better be invited to her 1 year birthday party since we are kinda near each other!
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what a princess!
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Happy 8 months to your beautiful girl!
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