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After peeing on the carpet....smell???

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Hi everyone,

I need some advice...Kind of a long story, but the condensed version is about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I noticed someone was peeing on the carpet outside our bathroom.Turns out it is about a 6 foot strech that is affected. We think we have gotten the peeing stopped, we never found out for certian who was doing it, but I had my suspissions, and she went to the vet. We also had some changes in our house recently, like my husband changing the configuration of the cat boxes, so I cleaned them out and replaced them back to their original spots. Sophie checked out ok at the vet and I think the peeing has stopped ( I am 99.5% sure it has) My problem is since the affected area was so big, we had to use A LOT of cleaner and water, literally soaking the carpet to get the smell out, and now that the area is drying, the carpet is getting a musty smell. We don't want to put anything else on the carpet while it is drying, but does anyone know of anything that might help with this smell, I was thinking to be placed around the house/area, to soak up some of the smell. I was thinking maybe bowls of vinager placed around the area might help with the smell of the carpet drying?? Any suggestions??

Just on a side note, the cleaner I used is called Bac-out and it is by Biokleen. It is 100% natural with live enzymes, and it worked great!! I had to do two applications, putting it in a watering can and "watering" the carpet, but I can't smell pee anyomre, jus the musty smell of the cleaner and carpet. I tried natures miracle and it did nothing. This stuff seems to be doing the trick with the pee, but now I am having trouble with the musty smell.
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If you could rent a Dry Vac somewhere it would totally suck all of the water out. (I think you can rent from Home Depot/Lowe's) Then you can place a fan in the hallway for the final drying.
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Try putting some fans at either end of the area until it is totally dry. It will still stink but at least it will dry faster.
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