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The right litter.

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So I am on my second brand of litter and I'm still not happy with it. The first brand was Fresh Scoop and I hated it. Way to dusty for our lil ol apartment. Once it was about done my friend suggested using Arm & Hammer super scoop, less dusty but doesn't mask order at all. Kinda disappointing considering the brand. Any suggestions on something not so dusty but controls odor?
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I have heard many here recommend The World's Best Litter. Haven't tried it yet but will soon!
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Is it the clumping type?
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It says it is Here is a link to their site: http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/P...L/default.aspx
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Tidy cats multiple cat scoop with crystals is what I keep going back to, with 4 cats all using one automatic litterbox. Special Kitty at Walmart is also good- it is the clumping with crystals too, but it comes in a bad like regular litter.
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i use tidy cat small spaces. it is clumping and great at odor control.
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worlds best... feline pine clumping.. swheet scoop ... chicken egg layer crumbles
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I use feline pine clumping...it has some dust to it, but it's pine dust as opposed to clay dust (which I associate with a dirty litter pan for some unconscious reason).
Used to Worlds best, but for whatever reason, the last time I tried it (last month) I thought it smelled funny and had low odor control.....a lot of people on here would strongly disagree with me however so my vote is for one or the other!
Getting the clay out makes a huge difference in dust.
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We use Feline Pine (or Petco's equivalant) - our cats seems to like it and it really cuts odor/dust a lot. Even DH says he never smells anything in the litter pan.

However, because its pine pellets it may take awhile for them to get used to the different texture of the pellets, so if you try it, you have to mix it into the litter slowly in changing it over.
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